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AmeriSleep AS3 Review In 2021 [Mattress Features, Pros & Cons]

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  • Gives support to the shoulders and hips
  • The all-foam design avoids excessive squeaking
  • Perfect medium firmness level
  • Adjustable to any kind of bed base
  • Free and easy returns
  • All-American product
  • 20-year warranty


  • Might be too soft for some sleepers
  • The Hybrid might be too bouncy for light sleepers



Celliant textile, memory foam, polyfoam


Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King


Between $804-$1,958


20-year warranty


100 days


Free shipping and returns in the US

The Amerisleep mattress combines two of the most popular current American trends for mattresses – it’s made entirely in the US and it’s eco-friendly. Add to this its high performance and you have a winning sleeping product. Founded in 2010, the company developed a unique memory foam mattress produced using a special foam manufacturing process.

One of the company’s highest-ranking products is the AS3. According to Amerisleep AS3 memory foam mattress reviews, this is the perfect middle ground between the entry-level AS1 and the high-end AS5. It’s ideal for couples, side sleepers, and active sleepers.

In this Amerisleep AS3 review, we’ll take a closer look at the model and how it measures against its competitors. Is an all-foam mattress a good investment? Or is it just good marketing? We’ll consider the following factors:

  • Company Overview
  • Mattress Overview
  • Pricing and Value for Money
  • Alternatives
  • Customer Testimonials and Amerisleep AS3 User Reviews
  • Pros and Cons

Amerisleep Mattress Company Overview

Since 2009, Amerisleep has been leading in an innovative sales approach. Being one of the first companies to start selling mattresses online and then delivering them in a box, Amerisleep is a groundbreaking company that also led the way in offering clients a risk-free 100-night sleeping trial.

All mattresses are made in the US and use eco-friendly and plant-based organic materials that are all CertiPUR-US certified. Amerisleep AS3 review opinions about the mattress’s off-gassing are very positive. Since the company uses Bio-PUR foams the smell isn’t as strong or toxic because the manufacturing process involves much fewer petrochemicals. Amerisleep is an all-American brand that manufactures all its products in Scottsdale, Arizona with modern retail locations all around the country.

Amerisleep Mattress Features

All 5 mattresses are created with expert craftsmanship to ensure sound sleep. Because of Amerisleep’s HIVE technology, the mattress materials prevent overheating, reduce pain-causing pressure, and provide extra relaxation due to the mattress’s specialized support layer and comfort layer.

The AS3 is a medium feel all-foam mattress that has a profile height of 12 inches. It is available in an all-foam profile or an AS3 Hybrid that consists of foam and coils. In many Amerisleep AS3 reviews about the mattress’s suitability for back pain, customers stated that the mattress fits snugly around your body to alleviate pain.  Let’s dissect the AS3 and the AS3 hybrid, to see what the fuss is all about.


Materials used in the creation of the Amerisleep AS3 are all eco-friendly. A plant-based Bio-Pur material features an open-cell design that allows you to stay cool at night. Air escapes through the cells that provide natural breathability compared to other traditional memory foams.

Since 2009, Amerisleep has been manufacturing its own Bio-Pur materials within the United States. This upgrade from traditional memory foam has received excellent Amerisleep mattress reviews from all over. It’s completely CertiPUR-US certified and made without using any toxic chemicals (low in VOCs – volatile organic compounds).

Compared to traditional memory foam, Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur foam has the following benefits:

  • Naturally breathable
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites
  • Eliminates heat build-up, ensuring a cool sleep
  • Relieves pain felt from pressure points because it hugs the body for a “no-pressure” feel
  • Bounces back after pressure is removed from the mattress

Mattress Layers

The Amerisleep mattress AS3 is available as a regular or as a Hybrid. Both have a zone system that consists of 3 different comfort zones that provide the ultimate support layer for the back, and extra cushioning for the hips and shoulders. Amerisleep AS3 reviews confirm that the zone system provides a much more comfortable sleep because it helps keep the body aligned while relieving pressure.

Amerisleep AS3 mattress

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress features four layers that measure 12 inches in height.

Layer 1 – A 3-inch layer of Bio-Pur material with an open-cell design (4 PCF and 10 ILD). An ultra-breathable layer that prevents overheating
Layer 2 – A 2-inch polyfoam that features an SMT-zone
Layer 3 –  The support layer is a 7-inch polyfoam bio-core (1.5 PCF and 35 ILD) and there’s a patented pressure relief system (1.65 PCF and 30 ILD) for the perfect pressure distribution
Layer 4 –  A thin layer of transition foam for added structure, durability, and resilience

Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid mattress

The Hybrid version of the AS3 is designed to provide extra support, airflow, and durability. It features the same layers as the regular design with an added individual coil system to allow extra breathability. The individual coils have pocket springs that give a bit more of a bounce back. It also limits individual motion transfer because of its smart design.

Durable pocket-coils add more firmness and eliminate sagging and lumpiness. Both mattresses are completely covered with a Celliant textile.


Amerisleep offers various mattress firmness options. Depending on the model, AS1-AS5 mattresses provide customers with different stability and firmness levels that best suit various types of sleepers’ needs. The AS3 has a firmness rating of 5, making it a medium-firm mattress.


This is one area that the AS3 really excels at. The mattress gently and softly contours the body for optimum comfort. So, is the Amerisleep mattress good for side sleepers? It is. The special zone system alleviates pressure from the hips and shoulders for a comfortable sleep.

Motion Isolation

The regular AS3 mattress isolates motion, which means that it is great for couples and active sleepers. If you don’t mind a bit more of a bounce, you can invest in the Hybrid version.

Edge Support

Unfortunately, judging by the average Amerisleep AS3 trial review, the edge support of this mattress is not that great. This is mainly because the model features a thick foam comfort system. Depending on your weight, the edge support may be insufficient.

Amerisleep Pricing & Discounts

Nearly every second Amerisleep AS3 consumer review notes the huge discounts that the company provides on a regular basis. Customers can expect almost 30% off when they make a purchase and receive free gifts and promo codes.
Depending on whether you opt for the Hybrid or the regular, prices will vary. Let’s have a look at how they compare:

AS3 Mattress 
Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress
Twin $804 $944
Twin XL $839 $979
Full $944 $1,084
Queen $1,049 $1,189
King $1,329 $1,469
Cal King $1,329 $1,469
Split Cal King $1,678 $1,958

Please note that the costs we quote in our Amerisleep AS3 review include the 30% discount. This promo runs throughout the year. You can add a mattress protector for only $90. Keep your eyes out for free gifts upon purchase. Gifts usually include 2 pillows worth $130.

Shipping & Return Policies

Standard free shipping is available for delivery anywhere within the US. If you want white glove delivery and set up, then you will have to pay a small extra fee. Most mattresses are shipped and received within 7 business days. Customers can track their orders via the online platform.

Amerisleep AS3 delivery reviews have stated that the delivery team provides a no-contact hygienic service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Return policies are straightforward and customers don’t have to pay a return fee.

Customer Service

Customer support agents are all based in Arizona, where Amerisleep is based. They can be reached via phone call at 1-800-500-4233 from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (MST). Alternatively, potential and current customers can email the team on cs@amerisleep.com or leave a message via chatbot on their website.

A special extra that Amerisleep provides its customers with is sleep coach advice. Each location has a certified sleep science coach that has been professionally trained by the Spencer Institute. This provides customers with the utmost support when choosing the perfect mattress for their preferred sleeping position and unique needs.

Pros and Cons

Gives support to the shoulders and hips

The all-foam design avoids excessive squeaking when you turn around

Perfect medium firmness level

Adjustable to any kind of bed base

All-American product

20-year warranty

Free and easy returns

Might be too soft for some sleepers

The Hybrid might be too bouncy for light sleepers

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Amerisleep AS3 Reviews and Testimonials

The Amerisleep website itself features thousands of reviews. Out of 6,642 reviews, the AS3 receives a 4.7-star rating. Because the brand is such a frontrunner in the industry it has been voted the ‘Best Mattress to buy online’ by Allure, the provider of the ‘Best sleeping experience’ by AdWeek, and a ‘Masterpiece of Midnight Melatonin Replenishment’ by Forbes.

This is how other websites rate the mattresses, based on Amerisleep mattress reviews:

MattressClarity.com – 3.9 star rating
TheSleepJudge – 4-star rating
Sleepopolis – 4.5-star rating
Mattress Guides – 4.8-star rating


Let’s see how the AS3, compares to what some of its competitors have to offer:

Amerisleep AS3 vs Casper

An alternative all-foam mattress is offered by Casper. Here is how the AS3 fares in an Amerisleep AS3 vs Casper comparison. Both mattresses have a firmness rating of 5-5.5, both are made from foam, and both provide a 100-night sleep trial. The biggest difference is that Amerisleep provides a 20-year warranty compared to Casper’s 10-year warranty.

Amerisleep AS3 vs Puffy Lux

If you look at any Amerisleep AS3 mattress firmness review, it’s clear that Amerisleep offers a lot of room for choice compared to Puffy Lux that only offers medium to medium-firm options. Amerisleep’s cooling technology is equal to the natural breathability of the Puffy Lux mattress.

Both brands have great reviews with Amerisleep rating a bit higher when it comes to luxury.

Amerisleep AS3 vs Loom & Leaf

When it comes to firmness, Loom & Leaf has two firmness levels for customers to choose from, whereas Amerisleep mattress has five different firmness options, the AS3 being the medium-firm variant. Another difference is that Amerisleep features a Celliant cover while Loom & Leaf has an organic cotton cover.

Where the AS3 falls short is in the cooling techniques. Sure, they do take measures to control body temperatures, but Loom & Leaf has a specially designed cooling gel strip built into the structure.

That said, the Amerisleep AS3 is a much cheaper version, so it works great for those who want to save money while getting a high-quality product.

Wrap Up

It’s safe to say that this all-foam mattress is perfect for any kind of sleeper. The patented zone and HIVE technology provide a comfortable sleep that alleviates pressure points and pains. With a 20-year warranty and an easy return policy after the 100-night trial – the medium-firm mattress is definitely worth every dollar. Its comfort and durability are what really make it stand out, as seen from nearly every Amerisleep AS3 review.

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