What Is a Soul Tie [Signs You Have One & How to Break It]


Each person you meet in your life is meant to cross your path for a reason. But have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to spend time solely with one person? You start making plans about the future together as if you’ll spend eternity together.

Here, we will delve in-depth into what a soul tie is, its symptoms, and the impact it has on those who experience it.

What Is a Soul Tie?

A soul tie is the “knitting together” of two souls that refers to a spiritual connection between them.

You feel as if you formed a special connection with the other person that usually happens after sexual intercourse. The idea that intercourse creates such ties dates back to antiquity. Its roots are in the Christian tradition, where it is explained that when two people are physically intimate, their souls are intertwined, just as their bodies are, and become one soul. However, this bond often develops into an unhealthy relationship which often leads to addictive and violent behavior.

Soul Tie vs Soul Mate

So, is it the same as soul mates? Confusion often arises when talking about this special kind of bond.

Let’s start by differentiating one from the other.

The former results in an extreme attachment to the person you share the bond with. Many people define soul ties as two souls tied together by the spirit. Such a bond usually occurs when the relationship ends or when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time.

Finding your soulmate is when you feel an immediate connection with someone. It is beneficial to both parties. A soulmate is someone who will make you feel butterflies in your stomach from the first exchange of looks and will continue to make you feel as if you are the only person in the world always. Some even confuse soul mates with twin flames or mirror souls. Tarot cards can be a helpful tool when in search of your soul mate, so if you want to find your soul mate, you can join a tarot reading online.

DID YOU KNOW: Many people think that spirituality and religion are the same but they are not. Depending on the religion, they may share fewer or more similarities in regards to origination, beliefs and rules.

Types of Soul Ties

There are many kinds of soul ties, but the most prominent are physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.


This type of tie is probably the most apparent of them all. This bond is the result of sexual intercourse. When you decide to have sexual intercourse with someone, you expose every part of yourself. Not only do you expose yourself physically, but you also expose every emotional scar and insecurity. Having felt this level of intimacy is enough for a bond to be created between two people. That’s why in the Christian tradition, there is a reason why people restrain themselves from sex until marriage.


This happens when you feel comfortable enough to share your deep feelings and experiences with someone. Going through the ups and downs in life, you only strengthen the bond you have with them.

When talking about emotional soul ties, there can be godly and ungodly emotional ties. Godly emotional ties are ties that keep you grounded. They develop with friends that are willing to be by your side when things get rough. They are there for you in good and in bad times. This type of tie usually occurs between good friends.

But for the bond to be stronger, it needs to be two-sided, you need to be their friend and the one who will stand by their side and give them strength when they need it. Furthermore, some ties will turn out to be toxic (ungodly). This occurs when the other person tries to manipulate you into changing your behavior. Once formed, these ties can be hard to break because you have already emotionally bonded on a deeper level.


Spiritual ties are those that bring you closer to God. You occasionally feel a spiritual soul connection with different people throughout your life. Usually, they are people who showed you the path toward faith in a higher power. For these questions and similar ones, you can consult some of the best psychics online.


Even a loner needs to have someone to connect with because we as human beings are social creatures. We form social bonds with people we become friends with.

DID YOU KNOW: Many people believe that sex is just a physical act with no strings attached. But, afterward, people find themselves longing for the other person because their souls have been entwined.

How to Know if You Have a Soul Tie?

Depending on your relationship you could experience around five important symptoms of soul ties:

You Can’t Stop Thinking About the Person to the Level of Obsession

You may enter a stage where the only thing that crosses your mind is the thought of them. You get to the point where you cannot control your thoughts, rather the thoughts control you. Whenever you turn, you see a reflection of them. You may often see them in your dreams. Simply put, you become obsessed with them.

You Feel Like You’ve Known Them Forever

When experiencing this kind of bond with someone, you may feel as if you know the person from a past life. From the first moment you see them, you get the feeling they’ve been in your life for a long time and you feel comfortable in their presence. If you think this is the case, you can contact certified practitioners to try past life regression and see if it’s true.

You Feel Connected With Them on a Deeper Level

Feeling an immediate click with someone is one of the many signs of soul ties. Having experienced such emotional connection means you have bonded on a deeper level with the other person.

You Can’t Imagine Being Without Them

When you find someone and have a constant need to be around them every second of the day, you have formed a special kind of attachment. You cannot bear the thought of your relationship ending. However good this may sound, it can result in forming a toxic relationship with the other person, which never ends well. This is an unhealthy sign because you feel whole in their presence but empty inside when they are not around.

You Feel Trapped With Them and Can’t Figure Out Why

This sign falls under the category of unhealthy soul ties and karmic relationships because they make you feel trapped. In some cases, the partner can even be abusive. But, even if you know their bad habits you feel as if there is no way out, no matter how hard you try to get away from them.

Key Takeaways

The soul ties definition is a spiritual connection or bond between two people.
People who come into your life affect you on a spiritual, emotional, physical, and social level.
A physical tie is the most common bond that people experience in their lifetime.
It may even feel as if you cannot breathe if the person you share the tie with is not around.

How to Break Soul Ties?

Now that you know the soul tie symptoms, and the negative effect such bonds may have on you, the only thing left to do is to learn to break them so you can move on with your life.


The simplest, yet very effective method is meditation.

Identify Them

You need to be honest with yourself that you are ready to move on and leave the unhealthy soul ties behind you. It may be hard for you to acknowledge that the tie exists. Many of us fear that the moment you own up to the problem, it becomes a reality and you have to deal with it. But once you acknowledge it, you are ready to stop fighting to remain by their side and start fighting to let go.

Decide You Are Going to Break This Connection

Next, you need to take action. That said, the process of breaking soul types is hard and exhausting. Deciding to let the bond go requires sacrifice and decisiveness. Whenever you have difficulty moving forward, seek help. Remember that deleting the person from your phone contacts or social media will not help you in cutting soul ties. There are a lot of online therapy sessions that might help you.

Get Rid of the Material Things Relating to the Person You’re Tied to

When breaking unhealthy soul ties, one important thing you need to do is to get rid of things related to the bond. Get rid of any gifts, written notes, or anything that still links you to that particular person. Looking at the objects that at some point meant everything to you (because they were from the person you loved the most in the world) can cause unnecessary pain and hinder you from moving forward and opening yourself to new relationships. Donate them, throw them in the trash, do what you have to do, just remove them out of your sight (and don’t you think of stashing them in the attic).

Forgive and Release

Learning to forgive is the most powerful way to free yourself from ungodly soul ties, yet it is also the most difficult step to take. You may not see the reason why you should be the one to forgive when you have done nothing wrong. You may even strongly believe that the other person should ask for forgiveness. By forgiving, however, even though you have nothing to apologize for, you show strength because forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

The aim of learning how to break soul ties is to identify any “inner” debts. Working with crystals, especially with rose quartz crystals, can help you forgive and release the bitterness you have inside you. Rose quartz can come in many forms, such as lamps to encourage self-love or bracelets and pendants for all-time healing.

Recite the Prayer for Breaking Soul Ties

The last step to take is to recite the prayer for breaking soul ties. It can be extremely helpful if you recite the prayer for a given period. It can bring you peace and calm by healing any struggle you’ve experienced in the bond. In this last step, you finally break the bond.

DID YOU KNOW: There are nine prayers that can help you in breaking ungodly soul ties.


In this article, we answered what is a soul tie and how to break one. The most purifying moment you’ll experience is when you finally let the bond go. Close your eyes and feel as the Universe is showing you the path toward greater things.


Can soul ties be one-sided?

Without a doubt, they can be one-sided. You can feel strongly connected to a person on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level although the other person doesn’t feel the same.

Do soul ties affect men?

Just like women, they also experience strong feelings, thus they are affected by the bond they have with the other person. The only difference is that men tend to think logically rather than emotionally.

How do you break soul ties?

If you are wondering how to break soul ties, we have the answer. First, acknowledge that the tie is there and decide to break it. Then comes the most difficult part: forgive and release the tie. For the whole process to be a success, recite the prayer for breaking ties.

What are soul ties in Christianity?

What is a soul tie according to Christianity? While there is no soul-tie-related information in the Bible, the concept was regarded as a sin in the Christian tradition because it was used to justify ungodly soul ties. The closest thing to it in the Bible is that a married couple is said to become “one flesh”.


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