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Gambling has been around for ages. People in the earlier ages would do so on board games, but nowadays those interested visit casinos. Humans love the thrill of getting more money with luck; while many are addicted to the excitement, some just do it for occasional fun.

How does gambling affect people? How many colleges have a policy against it? What age groups are more prone to gambling, and which countries have restrictions on it?

Here are few eye-opening gambling statistics to answer these burning questions.

Fascinating Gambling Facts

  • 20% of the total world’s population has gambled
  • Only 3% of the U.S. population engages in online gambling
  • Men gamble (69%) twice as much as women (36%)
  • 6% of college students have a serious gambling problem
  • Families where a member compulsively gambles are more likely to experience domestic violence
  • More than 2/3rd of compulsive gamblers engage in criminal activities related to gambling
  • Las Vegas is one of the most popular gambling destinations for Americans
  • There are 462 commercial casinos in the US as of 2020
  • 50% of Macau’s revenue comes from gambling revenue
  • Australians spend $18 billion yearly on gambling

General Gambling Statistics 

Let’s begin by looking at a few general stats related to gambling. This will help create an overview of the topic before we get into specific facts.

1.20% of the total world’s population has gambled
(Gambling NGO)

While this percentage may seem small, if we calculate the actual number of people, it’s almost  15,600,00,000! This is not limited to casino games, but also includes different types of gambling like Bingo, lottery, or betting cards.

This number seems to be increasing with the introduction of online gambling. Now, people can sit at their homes and gamble in an online casino! However, people still prefer physical gambling, as the next stat reiterates.

2. Only 3% of the U.S. population engages in online gambling
(Casino Org.)

According to online gambling statistics, only 3% of the people in the US gamble online! The thrill and allure of physical gambling are too high when compared to online gambling. Many also seem to enjoy visiting casinos.

This does not mean that people all over the world prefer physical gambling. The same stat for the UK is as high as 17%.

3. Men gamble (69%) twice as much as women

Gambling stats are incomplete without considering gender engagement. Men gamble twice as much as women! This stat also explains why men experience more gambling wins as well as gambling losses.

Men are also more likely to become problem gamblers, while women are more inclined towards responsible gambling. These gender differences develop in early adolescents while people are in their late teens to early 20s.

Gambling Addiction Facts and Statistics

Gambling is not always exciting and can lead to problems like addiction and drug abuse. How many college students gamble? What are the consequences of gambling addiction? Let’s find out.

4. Families were a member compulsively gambles are more likely to experience domestic violence
(The Recovery Village)

Gambling addiction statistics reveal that families with a member who compulsively gambles are more likely to experience domestic abuse. This also includes drug abuse, as parents who gamble compulsively are more likely to develop drug abuse problems.

In addition, this stat is not limited to abuse in families. Parents who gamble can also develop other issues like depression and anxiety, which can impact their children negatively.

5. 6% of college students have a serious gambling problem

Gambling is a serious problem among college students. Students who gamble more are suffering from or can develop psychological difficulties like depression and anxiety. This also increases their risk of alcohol and drug abuse.

Moreover, gambling can result in debt, which makes students gamble even more. The most common form of gambling among college students is sports betting.

6. More than 2/3rd of compulsive gamblers engage in criminal activities related to gambling
(The Recovery Village)

Gambling and crime rate statistics reveal that compulsive gamblers are more likely to commit crimes related to gambling.

These crimes are mostly done to obtain money for gambling or for paying debts. People get caught up in the cycle of gambling where they bet their gambling profits and end up more in debt.

Common crimes include theft, burglary, shoplifting, stealing from work, and fraud. Compulsive gamblers are more likely to get caught for these kinds of crimes than people who don’t gamble.

Gambling and Casino Revenue Statistics

While gambling is an exciting way to earn more money, how much losses and revenue do gambling centers earn? What are the most popular gambling sites? Which country gambles the most? Let’s find out.

7 . Las Vegas recorded 42.52 million visitors making it one of the most popular gambling destinations for Americans

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

This fact shouldn’t come as a shock to you. Hollywood has popularized Las Vegas as the epitome of bachelor parties and gambling. It’s the American dream to visit Las Vegas and gamble away your problems. US casino stats reveal that due to legalized casino gambling in Las Vegas, it has become the most popular area.

8. 50% of Macau’s revenue comes from gambling

Gambling industry statistics reveal that half of Macau’s revenue comes from gambling alone!  While gambling is illegal in China, Macau is a popular name in global gambling places.

How is that possible? Macau is a special administrative region in China, which means the Chinese government has little control over its gambling policies. It is not like other land-based casinos, either; you have to take an hour’s boat ride to get there!

Macau’s government doesn’t seem interested in closing down its gambling centers. Who would want to lose out on $38 billion in revenue?

9. There are 462 commercial casinos in the US as of 2020

The number of operating casinos in the US has remained constant throughout the years, ranging between 450 and 500.

Nonetheless, the number is still higher when compared to other countries like India, where there are only 19 legal gambling sites in total!

10. Australians spend $18 billion yearly on gambling

Statistics in gambling reveal that people in Australia spend approximately $18 billion a year on gambling!

The country has legalized gambling, which means it is also allowed to put ads for new casinos or gambling centers. Who can resist the allure of a gambling center when it is advertised so often?

Gambling is not limited to casinos. Australia also has 20% of all registered slot machines.

Speaking of slot machines and casinos, the next few stats will reveal the most popular forms of gambling.

Forms of Gambling Statistics 

Which is the most popular form of gambling? Which countries prefer Bingo? Are lotteries still a form of gambling? Read the next set of stats to find out.

11. 65% of people who gamble engage in sports betting
(Gambling NGO)

Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling. It can be a bet on a player, team, goals, or possible runs. Many use cryptocurrency to bet online on sports. The rate is much higher for college students who only prefer sports betting.

Did you know that most sports betting in Asia is illegal, so the revenue generated by sports gambling remains unaccounted for? That’s billions of dollars worth of gambling money!

13. Lotteries occupy 6% of the gambling audience
(Gambling NGO)

Buying a lottery ticket is the easiest form of gambling since not many people know how to gamble. It has also been around for ages, long before games like poker were developed!

Lotteries are also legal in countries where gambling is otherwise illegal.

While you may think you cannot win as much as you would while playing poker, that is not true. The average lottery payout was £4.13 billion in 2015! What’s more, lottery tickets cost way less than their payout.

Gambling Winning Statistics

Here comes the most important stat for gamblers! How much do you win or lose while gambling? Let’s look at these interesting facts to find out.

14. Australia experienced the highest losses in the world totaling up to $18.40 billion
(Gambling NGO)

As we discussed above, Australians spend the most on gambling, but not many are earning profits from it. Australia lost $18.40 billion in gambling in 2017! The losses per adult are, as expected, higher than in any other country.

That’s why it is important to gamble responsibly and understand the pros and cons of gambling before you blow away all of your funds.

15. The chance of winning a slot machine is one in 5000 to one in 34 million

Gambling stats reveal that the chances of you winning a slot machine are broad, between one in 5000 to one in 34 million!

Based on research, the entire gambling world works against you winning. You may think that we’re exaggerating but we’re not!

All the machines and casino games like roulette spinners are set in a way to make you lose. The more you play, the more the probability of you winning decreases. 

16. Germans win $115 on average every year

Statistics on gambling show that Germans win $115 on average through gambling. Notice how this number is so low when compared to losses faced by individuals.

This again brings us back to the point that there is only a slight chance that you in money through gambling as the probability is against you.

Gambling Future Trends Statistics 

What is the future of gambling? How did the pandemic affect the gambling industry and people? Will the gambling industry continue to grow? Let’s find out.

17. All retail gambling venues in the UK were closed on March 2020
(Gambling NGO)

Casino gambling stats reveal that all retail gambling venues in the UK were closed in March 2020 due to the Covid 19 restrictions.

They represented 50% of the region’s income. Consequently, the UK suffered huge losses due to the closing of its gambling industry.

18. There is an increase in fantasy video sports and eSports betting, making its revenue $1617.7 million
(European Business Review)

As we discussed earlier, sports betting is the most common form of gambling, surpassing casino and poker.

With COVID-19 restrictions, people have shifted to betting on fantasy video sports and eSports, as most physical games were shut down. eSports revenue was $1617.7 million in 2021.

According to sports gambling statistics, this has led to online gambling companies creating more virtual games to bet on.

19. There has been an increase in compulsive gamblers since COVID-19, with 17.6% suffering from an anxiety disorder
(Journals.lww, Frontiers in Psychiatry)

There has been a significant increase in compulsive gamblers since the COVID-19 pandemic. The online gambling industry is not restricted, which makes compulsive gamblers bet more. 17.6% of gamblers also suffer from an anxiety disorder in addition to their bad habits.

Gambling is a coping mechanism for many people. Lockdown, financial instability, and isolation have led to an increase in compulsive gamblers.

If you are a compulsive gambler or know someone who is, remember that help is available. The first step towards beating it is contacting someone you trust. It’s never too late to seek help.

20. The global gambling market is expected to reach $516.03 billion in 2021
(PR Newswire)

Gambling and casino stats predict that the global gambling market is expected to reach $500 billion in 2021 from $465.76 billion in 2020.

No matter what happens, you shouldn’t worry about the gambling industry going down.

Wrap Up 

Now that we’re coming to an end, we hope these gambling statistics helped you understand the gambling industry. The gambling industry continues to rise and attract more people, from college students to adults. Some countries gamble more than others, while many have laws against the practice.

Disclaimer: While gambling is fun and exciting, you should be aware of developing an addiction; seek help if you find yourself gambling compulsively.


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