Meanings of Candle Colors [Types of Candles, & More]


Have you ever wondered why various colors affect you differently? You are drawn to some colors and dislike others.
That’s because colors are charged with meaning. This is true for any object, and it is no different with candles. Candle color meanings are useful to know if you want to be able to understand and influence the energy around you.

Do you want to find out more about candle magic? What is it actually based on? We’ll talk about the colors of candles and their meanings, and how you can use these colored candles to bring positive changes into your life.

What Is Candle Magic and What Is It Based On?

This is a centuries-old practice with a rich history. Evidence suggests that it was used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. The process is driven by the element of fire that is believed to facilitate transformation. According to Wiccan Spells, using spell candles entails more than merely burning them. Did you know that candles are one of the most basic elements used in witchcraft rituals?

Candle selection is an important task and you need to keep different aspects in mind. You will choose a different candle color based on their meanings, goals, aspirations, and intentions.

Candles are primarily used to either set an intention or release the kind of energy you desire. For example, when an unresolved issue obstructs your path, again and again, many recommend using a yellow or blue candle. Blue signifies understanding, and yellow signifies focus. There are little chime candles that are sold in a range of colors.

The only three things you need are a candle of the appropriate color, a formulated intention, and other materials based on necessity. Since the flame is self-sustaining, you don’t have to invest your own energy into it. Begin by imagining what you want to attract, then go candle shopping with an open mind, allowing your intuition to lead you to exactly what you require at the time.

Did you know: Candles make an excellent addition to your affirmations. Saying affirmations with a lit candle will amplify the positive vibrations you wish to bring into your life. The spiritual benefits of candle affirmations are remarkable.

Lit vs. Unlit Candles

Nearly all spells require you to light a candle. This is an important step in candle magic that sets the power of transformation in motion. But how does one use an unlit candle to make affirmations and spells more powerful?
When you are casting a love spell, use an unlit candle to communicate your desire. You can say your affirmations aloud or in your head; the important thing is to focus on your wish and sincerely believe it for the spell candles to work effectively.

The unlit candle represents the element earth. This is the basis you will build upon when manifesting your desires. While the candle is unlit, it is time to formulate your intentions firmly. When preparing your candle for a ritual, you could try anointing and dressing it with oils, herbs, or herb powders as desired.

You can kiss your candle or speak your intention over it while holding the unlit candle in your palms. In certain spiritual beliefs, such as Wicca or witchcraft, candle burning is thought to ‘charge‘ it with your desire or wish.

Belonging to the fire element, the flame signifies the source of our creation and our inner illumination. It is believed to help us connect to our higher selves and become more spiritually aware. The unlit candle lets you pour your intentions into it, while the lit candle uses your affirmation and transforms your desires into reality.

Types of Candles

Specific spells require specific kinds of candles based on the duration of the ritual or intention. While the color signifies a specific intention, so does the type of the candle. Different candle meanings determine their significance in rituals. We’ll discuss some of the candles and their significance below.

Double Action

Double action (DA) candles have two colors of wax sandwiched on top of each other, commonly half black and half white, red, or green. You use these candles to banish, cleanse, reverse, and remove the negative and invite positive vibes – bless, attract, improve, and honor.

The many color options for DA candles represent various situations. Red and black candles are used for relationship issues; green and black candles for money and work issues; white and black for other random issues.


Reversible candles are ritual candles that are used to stop and send back evil or negative vibes or spells directed at you. They reverse it all back to the sender. These come in different varieties and double reversal or triple reversal based on your requirements and intentions.

7 Knob

Wishing candles with seven knobs are used for seven distinct wishes. They are lighted seven days for one desire or torched once to employ the strength of seven for a solitary wish. The color of the candle determines the wish. Before you light them, these candles can be decorated and inscribed with names or symbols.

Colored Figure

The female and male figures substitute the human form. Having a physical body/subject in a candle, in this case, helps to focus on the intention of your spell. These spell candles provide you with a concrete physical form to concentrate your energy on, and all you need now is a particular color to denote your intentions.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve candles can assist you in identifying your soulmate, deepen an emotional bond, or bring a partner back if you’ve drifted apart. This candle should be lit to improve sexual passion and affection, especially after a fight.

Witch Candles

Witch candles are candles that are especially used in powerful spells. They are made with exotic ingredients such as mugwort, frankincense, and myrrh. These candles help focus and strengthen your power. For an empowering spell, each pillar is inscribed with words and/or symbols.

Did you know: Anointing candles is a special ritual where you use essential oils and herbs for candle dressing. You can also use essential oils for chakras.

Candle Color Meanings

The actual meaning of each hue will differ somewhat depending on the culture or school of thought. However, there are some universal laws that dictate the meanings of colors:

White Candle Meaning

White candles stimulate cleansing, healing, and purification. White also helps with healing emotional wounds, protects, repels negative vibes, releases tension, and aids meditation. Because all colors are produced from pure white light, all hues are balanced in the white color. It also means that any other color can be used in place of burning white candles.

Black Candle Meaning

Black candles are used to ward off evil and give protection, to absorb negative energies, to uncross ceremonies, and to annihilate negative energy. Black absorbs all colors and it is frequently used to reject black magic and provide defense against illness.

Green Candle Meaning

Green candles are employed in spells for fresh beginnings, fertility, attracting money, and material gain. The color green represents all sorts of growth, Earth magic, physical and mental healing, youth regeneration, and renewal.

Blue Candle Meaning

Blue candles are excellent for rituals for increasing spirituality, contemplation, restoration, tranquility, generosity, inner peace, integrity, influencing faithfulness and loyalty, intellect, finding the truth and light, as well as for the first connection with your higher self. Blue candles replace anger and hate with calmness and understanding.

Yellow Candle Meaning

Yellow candles strengthen your focus, knowledge, creativity, learning, visualization, and memory. Yellow increases your power, self-esteem, happiness, and optimism. It improves learning abilities, as well as speech and writing.

Red Candle Meaning

Red candles are intended to symbolize the element of fire and are associated with energy, personal strength, vitality, and power. Red is a physical color that brings vibrancy, deep affection, sexual desire, willpower, and athletic skill (especially competitive). Red is used to arouse fury and enhance pure passion and physical pleasure.

Pink Candle Meaning

Pink candles are employed in love magic for romantic love, dedication, sensitivity, friendship, and affection. With pink, it is about emotional love rather than physical love, and it carries no sexual connotations. Pink represents the purest form of love without selfishness; it has a feminine energy and dispels lesser vibrations.

Purple Candle Meaning

Purple reduces tension, insomnia, and passion. It stands for imagination, idealism, success, and financial stability. Purple implies expansion.

Orange Candle Meaning

It is a combination of yellow (mental agility) and red (action, energy). The solar energy in the color orange promotes vigor, energy, and endurance.

Brown Candle Meaning

Brown can help in Earth magic, animal magic, house magic, farming, travel, growth, money gain, and spells for balance, grounding, stability, and nurturing. It attracts money and promotes recovery in a financial crisis.

Brown Candle Meaning

Brown can help in Earth magic, animal magic, house magic, farming, travel, growth, money gain, and spells for balance, grounding, stability, and nurturing. It attracts money and promotes recovery in a financial crisis.

Silver Candle Meaning

Silver stands for establishing a deep connection with the ancestors, telepathy, clarity, conscience, creativity, defense, divination, and dreams.

Key Takeaways

A candle’s flame carries the power of the fire element which enables transformation.
An unlit candle signifies earth and allows you to strengthen your spell, while a lit candle helps manifest the change that you desire.
The type of candle you choose for your ritual needs to be based on your intention.
Different candle types and shapes are used for different results.
All colors carry different meanings based on cultural differences, but there are always some universal principles that apply.

How to Use the Candle Colors to Bring Positive Changes Into Your Life?

Now that you know the various meanings, the process of manifestation becomes much easier. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Set a Goal

Consider the changes you want to make in your life. Be specific, realistic, and considerate. Don’t wish your enemies ill, karma will take care of that. Instead, focus on your deepest positive desire and clarify your goal in a single sentence.

Think About How You Want to Manifest It

Now that you have a clear goal in mind, there are different ways your intention can be manifested. Avoid sending out mixed signals to the universe, keep an open mind, and take action. You can also use crystals for manifesting to strengthen the process.

Candle Lighting and Visualization

Now comes the part of the candle meanings, lighting, and visualization. Choose the color, size, and type of candle based on your manifestation goals. You can use more than one kind or color of candle to get the results of your focused intentions. You will now have to visualize your goal, which you can do by learning the secret of writing affirmations. Picture what you want, speak/write a sentence, then light the candle to release the energy.

Dress the Candle

In this step, you want to create a telepathic link between the candle, yourself, and your goal. This is referred to as “dressing the candle.” To pull things to yourself, rub the ritual candles with oil from top to bottom. Rub from bottom to top to send things away. Focus on your goal and mentally *pour* that image into the candle. There are some best essential oil brands that you can try out for the best results.

Clear Your Mind and Focus On Your Goal

Breath deeply, relax your muscles and imagine your anxieties or thoughts fading away. Make an effort to clear your head. Then begin visualizing your goal as though it has already occurred. Visualize the candle’s aura becoming larger. Snuff out the candle when you sense your energy dwindling, and you’re done. The candle magic colors are believed to be activated in your life now to make those affirmations come true.

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Candle magic colors are of the utmost importance as color magic for manifestations is widely used in witchcraft and spiritual practices the world over. Once you are well-versed in the meanings, you’ll know which candle will work best for you, bringing you closer to your goals. It’s definitely worth it to find out how spell candle colors affect your manifestations. It’s not impossible even for beginners, especially with multiple reliable guides available.


What does a red candle mean?

Red candles are symbolic of fire and passion. They are used to increase positive vibrations and have a physical connotation, representing pleasure and sexual desire.

What do white candles mean?

White candles are mostly associated with purification. White is a combination of all the other colors.

How to dress a candle?

Candle dressing entails sprinkling it with herbs and essential oils. Extra virgin olive oil or an oil combination relevant to the magic you’re practicing can always be used. Rubbing from the top to the center and from the bottom to the middle again will strengthen your wish to introduce something new into your life. Rubbing from the center outward to the upper and lower parts of the candle assists with letting go.

Why are candle color meanings important?

They are important because candles of different colors are used for different kinds of manifestations. Using a red candle for peace and serenity will not produce the desired effect.


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