YouTube Announces New Tool to Turn Longer Videos Into Shorts


The Verge has recently informed about a new tool YouTube is about to introduce into its iOS and Android app. Namely, in an effort to make it easier for content creators to produce shorter videos, YouTube’s announced feature will automatically trim long videos and turn them into shorts. This new feature is designed to help creators capture their viewers’ attention more quickly and keep them engaged with the content, which might even improve their YouTube ranking.

Expected to roll out in the coming weeks, the Edit into a Short tool will reportedly allow those who want to become content creators to bring clips from one of their longer videos into the Shorts editor right from the YouTube app on iOS or Android. They can then add textual content, filters, or clips from their library.

Unlike other tools like Cut, which allows you to use five seconds from a longer video in a Short, or Clips, which can be transformed into Shorts, the Edit into a Short tool can’t be used on videos uploaded by others—it will only appear in the Create menu if you’re viewing a video you’ve created, and it can help you create even branded content.

YouTube has also revealed the finished Short will link to the full video it was taken from, helping make Shorts a great promotional tool for the creator’s longer material. This would mean that if a person enjoys a Short produced with this tool, they won’t have to go through the creator’s channel and search for the full video.

Although this tool couldn’t possibly replace the software for video editing beginners use, the platform creators are hoping this new feature will encourage content creators to produce more short-form videos, as they’re more likely to be watched all the way through—in line with the recent trend of shorter attention spans and the popularity of “snackable” content.


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