South Korean Won Becomes Second-Most Googled Currency


Thanks to Netflix’s Squid Game (the biggest sensation in the past few weeks), the South Korean Won (KRW) has become the world’s second-most googled currency, FoxBusiness reports. 

Squid Game—the South Korean dystopian series that has taken the world by storm—is considered the next most-watched non-English TV show. It first aired on September 17 and since then has become a sensation in more than 90 countries. The show might even surpass the most recent popular movies on Netflix

The hyper-violent survival series portrays how the world has changed for the worse, focusing on 456 people who have struggled all their lives to pay off their debts. They are now offered an easy way out—a chance to win 45 billion won (around 40 million dollars) by participating in six children’s games. But those who don’t make it to the next round are eliminated and shall suffer deadly consequences.

Many were eager to find out how much money the player who wins all the games gets in the end, so they converted the won into their local currencies, which is how converting the won into other currencies became popular. In light of the trending topic, Omid Scobie (Harper’s Bazaar editor) tweeted: “Due to the huge popularity of #SquidGame, South Korean won has become the second most Googled currency in the world since the show started streaming. Converting won into local currencies is also trending across searches. I’m sure you can guess which amounts in particular.”

The show’s airing comes just at the right time since Netflix had lost subscribers in Q2 in Canada and the US. Recently, Netflix decided to spread its horizons and delve deep into the gaming industry by acquiring Night School Studio to gain more subscribers. Now, with Squid Game, Netflix has managed to gain 1.4 million more subscribers for this quarter. 

What’s remarkable is that the TV show was rejected 10 years ago—described as grotesque and unrealistic, according to our source Yahoo. Now, with coronavirus still on the rise, Squid Game’s concept is appealing to studios because of its deeply engraved cautionary message of the socioeconomic differences between the rich and poor. Due to financial hardships, the creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk once had to stop writing his script and sell his $675 laptop. Dong-hyuk wants to show how—in a world full of humans—humanity ceases to exist.    


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