Small Towns Will Pay You to Move There and Work Remotely


Small towns across the US will pay workers up to $20,000 to move and work remotely from there, Yahoo Finance reports.

Around 45 communities in the US currently offer incentives, some even more than $20,000, to attract remote workers. Smaller cities with lower living costs and a better quality of life in some respects are trying to expand their population and attract talent. States that are doing that include Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia, Michigan, and Tulsa.

Shanelle Sherlin was one of the many who traded her spacious apartment in LA to move into Northwest Arkansas. Arkansas was handing out $10,000 and a mountain bike and she quickly applied for the offer. The state’s assistance allowed her to buy a four-bedroom house for $405,000, something she could never have done in LA.

There are numerous benefits for the states doing that: they’ll draw manufacturers, improve their economy, and expand the tax base. People who are in the real estate business are focusing on small towns because with these programs, newcomers are looking for places to live, and realtors are figuring out various lead generation ideas on how to attract new home buyers.

Pandemic Jump-Starts Small Towns’ Interest in Qualified Remote Workers

According to statistics, 4.7 million people were already working remotely from home before the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic working from home became the new working reality. Small towns want to make use of the situation and increase their population growth by inviting more people to relocate, adding valuable workers to their workforce.

Interestingly, the pandemic was not the turning point when small cities began to attract qualified workers with incentives. The Tulsa Remote program was founded back in 2018 and offered cash to live in Tulsa even then. Now Tulsa Remote offers $10,000 and a free year of using a co-working space.

Adam Ozimek, chief economist of Upwork, an online freelancing platform, says: “We’re breaking the cycle, cities can appeal directly to people instead of the companies who employ them.”


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