Remote Workers Become the Most Recent Hackers’ Target


Experts warn that hackers mostly target remote workers for passwords that are saved in their web browsers, New York Post informs

While it is considered a pretty safe option to keep your passwords locked in web browsers such as Chrome and Edge, IT researchers strongly advise against people saving their passwords in web browsers. It does make the whole process easier than writing your password every time you log in, but it is not a good strategy for your business’s security. 

Why Are Remote Workers an Attractive Target?

According to some remote work statistics, 74% of companies plan to shift their workers to working remotely permanently. Hackers seem to take advantage of people in the UK and the US who are forced to work from home due to the pandemic. Usually, they are an attractive target because it’s way easier to infect a device when everyone in the family uses the same one. Hackers often use malware called Redline Stealer, not only because it’s extremely cheap but also because it’s very hard to trace. That’s why people who use a shared device need to disable their passwords every time they finish with their work for the day.

How to Prevent It?

While cybercrime flourishes, hacking statistics show that there is a way you could prevent becoming the next victim. If you constantly change your passwords (it’s advised to change them every few weeks), it’s hard to keep track of your passwords, thus a lot of tools have come into existence that help you manage your passwords. You can look for various ways to store your passwords, or simply create a stronger password that will protect you against a security breach.


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