Police Officers Disappointed By Another Bid To Loosen Gun Laws


Police officers are disappointed with the Republicans’ plans to loosen gun control, Yahoo News reports.

In Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee, the police are against the new gun control measurements that relax gun restrictions. The new requirements make it possible to get a gun without regular and criminal background checks and there’s no need for training before being allowed to carry a gun.

Fabian Blache Jr., executive director of the Louisiana Chiefs of Police Association, explains that without background checks there is no way of knowing who might be carrying a gun at the moment. This heightens the risk in any encounter, and less required training leads to more accidents as people fail to properly handle their weapons. He adds, “Police officers are trained around the country, and they make mistakes.” This indicates how necessary training is to avoid dangerous gun misuse, especially considering the skyrocketing sale of guns amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Gun sales hit a record in 2020, with millions of people buying a gun for the first time.

Republicans and The Law Enforcement at Odds

Earlier this year, two shootings took place. The first one occurred in Atlanta, where a man opened fire and killed eight people, six being Asian American women. The other shooting was in a grocery store, King Soopers, where a gunman killed 10 people including one police officer.

This prompted Democrats to call for limits on guns, while in Republican-dominated states, there is an opposing tendency to ease access to firearms.

The police’s opinions have been known, but they cannot express themselves fully because they are public servants and their job is to enforce the law no matter whether they agree with it, according to Robert Spitzer, a professor at The State University of New York.

“One thing I’ve learned in my many years of working with police is, you can rely on them to tell you what’s going to put the public at danger,” said John Feinblatt, President of Everytown For Gun Safety. “I think that what police know is that crime is rising around the country and this is the worst possible moment to pass laws like this.”


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