Phoenix Residents Unhappy With Choice Home Warranty


Choice Home Warranty has once again failed to satisfy its customer’s needs, Phoenix News reports. Homeowners usually choose the best home warranties in case something breaks down in their homes – the home warranty company takes on the responsibility of fixing the damage.

On Wednesday, July 14, 2021, Juanita and Melvin Allen had to pay for the replacement of their water heater, which was an unexpected and unnecessary expense.

Meanwhile, another resident of Phoenix, AZ, Joginder Singh, was dealing with a similar problem. His air conditioner broke down at the least expected moment. It is advisable to stay at home in such extreme heat, but the temperature in his house showed 93 degrees, which made no great difference whether Singh would stay indoors or outdoors.

Both families explained that they chose the top-pick home warranty company, Choice Home Warranty, assuming that whatever damage occurred, the home warranty would cover it, as stated in the plan.

Now Choice Home Warranty refuses to pay for the home damage of both families due to certain exclusions stated in the contract. The Allens had to buy the new water heater with their own money. And Singh paid $800 for his new AC. Juanita says: “I have the highest coverage and they denied my claim”. So, it’s likely that she will go with some of the cheaper home warranty companies.

Choice Home Warranty Makes Exclusions Again

Choice Home Warranty plans are available in 48 states except for California and Washington. Residents of California cannot choose this home warranty, although there are other home warranty companies to choose from.

It is not the first time Choice Home Warranty has been sued. In 2015, a New Jersey family sued the same home warranty and Choice Home Warranty was found guilty of deceiving and making false promises to customers and ordered to pay $779,913.

Also, in 2019 the Arizona Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against Choice Home Warranty, stating that the company failed to provide the service it offers and its contracts are riddled with exclusions. The lawsuit is still ongoing and unresolved.

Even though both lawsuits suggested that Choice Home Warranty is not the best option to go with, people in Alaska still seem to put their trust in this particular home warranty, leaving the other companies behind as further options.


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