Mail Carrier Prevents Potential Credit Card Fraud by Alerting PA Couple of Mail Service Change


A mail carrier saves the day! A mailman in Dauphin County averted a potential credit card fraud by alerting the couple affected of a change in their mail service, ABC27 News reports. 

The wife, Sandra Zarker, explains that they started suspecting something was wrong from the moment the mail carrier asked her husband whether he plans on moving to another place. “He said no, I’m not moving. And he said someone put a forwarding request in to have our mail forwarded to a post office box in New York”, Sandra Zarker explains.

The request made was only for Ken Zarker’s mail. So, he immediately cancelled the address change and waited for the mail to arrive. The following Monday, the mail was in their mailbox. When they checked it, the Zarkers were a bit surprised. They were looking at credit cards with their names on them. “This person apparently had applied for credit and I guess when it went through they went in and changed the address hoping that the mail would go to them and they would have credit cards to use,” Sandra said. But the story doesn’t end there. Two weeks had passed since the initial attempt, and the scammer tried the same thing once again, probably hoping that this time luck would be on his side.

As statistics show, every two seconds there is a new identity theft victim. The Zarkers informed the police and the post office, hoping that the case would be further investigated. The USPS says that there are protocols to notify the sender of an address change, but, for now, there is nothing they can do since an online address change is allowed. The best thing people can do to protect themselves from identity theft is to buy tools that would guarantee protection against potential identity theft


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