Google Introduces Neatly Organized Gmail Interface


Your Gmail experience will be taken to the next level with the new user interface that Google is about to introduce, Android Central informs. The new interface will become available starting February 8, 2022. 

Google statistics show that there are nearly four billion Google users and most of them use Gmail on a daily basis. Google Workspace is perfect at keeping everything you need in one place. And to make things even easier, Google has come up with a fresh and more approachable UI. This neat Gmail interface will allow the user to switch between inboxes and conversations, while at the same time taking part in meetings, without opening new windows and tabs all the time. 

What Will Change and Who Will Be Affected?

This will be very helpful for anyone who constantly uses their email and checks it every few hours. In just a few days, users will see a pop-up window in their inbox with a chance to switch to the new UI. Currently, the mail, chats, spaces, and meet sections are all in one column, making it difficult to navigate and at times causing you to miss important information. The new UI will keep all these sections separately, on the left side of the inbox. 

Some of the users may be disappointed with the new update. Those who use Google Chat on their right side will no longer be able to use this function. Sadly, Google will remove it permanently. But hopefully, once they get the hang of the new UI, they will be more than happy with the new version. 

The new UI will be available from February 8, 2022, but it won’t be mandatory. Users will have a chance to try the new user experience and switch back to the old one. But starting from April, everyone will be automatically switched to the new UI. So, you have until April to say your goodbyes to the current UI and to get used to the new one.


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