Exciting New No-Fee X1 Card Finally Rolls Out


A year after X1 Card was announced, the smartest credit card ever created is finally here, CNBC informs.

It has been a year since Deepak Rao and Siddharth Batra unveiled the credit card that would win the hearts of the younger generation. And it has officially started rolling out on October 18 with a 350k waitlist.

The target market of the card is the younger generation that enjoys tech-savvy products and aesthetically pleasing design; that’s exactly what the new 17-gram sleek, stainless steel card offers.

The X1 Card was created by Twitter alums Deepak Rao and Siddharth Batra, supported by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin and Kevin Weil, Instagram’s former head of product. The card is a part of the Visa Signature network, and since such big names in the tech market are behind it, the card is here to stay. The X1 Card will definitely rank as one of the best cards for youngsters and top cards with no annual fee.

Why Is It Special?

What makes the X1 Card so special? This modern card is meant to be used digitally; users can automatically end free trials, set a spending limit, etc. via the app.

There’s a 3%-4% cashback on every purchase. This card gives points for every purchase you make; 2x points on every dollar spent, 3x points on every $1 spent for the year (if you spend $15,000+ on the card in the same year), and 4x points if you refer a friend. The card also comes with a hidden easter egg that when you install the app – you get more than 5x points for any purchase made through the app. Although the point redemptions can be used with only a limited number of brands, they include popular ones like Airbnb, Nike, and Apple.

What makes the X1 Card even more appealing is the freedom from hidden fees. The card has no annual fee, no late fee, and no foreign transaction fees, allowing international travelers to use the card worldwide in all the places where Visa is accepted. An additional bonus is the ability to carry out anonymous transactions by creating virtual cards for one-time use.


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