COVID-Related Shortages May Cause Home Warranty Repair Delays


The impact of the coronavirus pandemic can still be felt in the cost and availability of construction materials, causing home warranty repair delays, KDVR informs.

Due to the pandemic that took the world by surprise, many companies experienced unpredictable highs and lows. Home warranty companies still feel the economic effect of the pandemic. The cost of materials increased over 170% this year, creating supply shortages and causing delays in delivery. The companies that are short on construction materials cannot repair what needs fixing in the expected time.

Homeowners May Have to Be Patient

Robert Wells, a citizen of Colorado, explains that he noticed cracks on the front porch and his driveway and fears that things won’t be fixed and that the home warranty will not cover the cost since it expires this October.

In these critical times when everyone experiences certain disadvantages in their business, homeowners need to keep a cool head and wait for everything to be sorted out. Lokal Homes explain why homeowners might have experienced delays: “Lokal Homes is committed to building attainable housing in the Colorado front range and honoring all warranty responsibilities. We have experienced delays in the warranty process on Mr. Wells’s home as a result of supply chain constraints, trade partner availability, COVID impacts, and employee leave. This has clearly led to a frustrating process where the homeowner is waiting for work to be completed.”

Because of the challenges COVID-19 imposed on every home warranty without exception, from the best ones to the more affordable ones, many companies have been experiencing delays. They cannot say with certainty when the homeowners should expect their repairs, however, they all agree that the companies will stand behind any repairs included in the warranty.


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