Choosing Another Browser Over Microsoft Edge Even Harder in Windows 11

The new Windows upgrade will make switching to any other browser that is not Microsoft Edge a struggle, ARS Technica reports.

While there are many positive changes in the new Windows 11 upgrade, sneak peeks show that choosing a default browser different from Microsoft Edge will be even harder. Microsoft Edge is just one of the many web browsers used at the moment, but it seems that Windows will do whatever it takes to make sure people start using it over the other options. In Windows 11, there are two main changes that make switching from one browser to another even more annoying.

First, the browser popup in Windows 10 which asks whether you want to change defaults after installing a new browser is no longer available in Windows 11. Second, the way default apps are handled in Windows 11 is confusing as well. You have to change the default app for every specific file type which is time-consuming. It amounts to telling Windows how to open an .html, .pdf, .svg, .jpeg, and any other file type you want to open. After you change the default app that handles .pdf or .html files, for instance, Windows 11 will ask yet again whether you are sure you want to switch from Microsoft Edge to another browser.

The upgrade that is expected to come out this fall never stops reminding users that it comes with its own browser even though statistics state that Edge failed to impress the majority of users over the years. It remains to be seen whether constructive feedback will have any effect on how Windows 11 will handle these changes.


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