Certain Herbal Supplements Cause Arrhythmia in Young People


According to Insider, cardiologists believe consuming herbal supplements can cause heart problems in those under the age of 30. According to a California-based cardiologist, Dr. Danielle Belardo, taking herbal supplements is the primary contributor to the irregular heartbeats most of her patients in their 20s and 30s experience.

But Belardo isn’t the only doctor concerned with these findings—following her tweet that stated she was witnessing young individuals become ill from supplements, other cardiologists, ER physicians, and internists around the nation reported having observed the same occurrence. And here’s the reason why:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic’s beginning, the number of Americans using nutritional supplements has largely increased. And because there’s no regulation of the $1.5 trillion wellness sector in the US, supplement manufacturers aren’t obligated by law to show their products are safe or effective, and the side effects are becoming more common.

Which Supplements Are Believed to Cause Arrhythmias?

The thing is, patients are almost always taking more than one supplement, which makes it even harder to determine the one that’s causing the side effects. And due to the poor regulations, finding out what exactly causes heart problems is even harder. Luckily, doctors have been able to establish a link between arrhythmia and the following supplement types:

  • Bitter Orange – one of the first supplements Dr. Belardo managed to link to causing an irregular heartbeat.
  • Ephedra and ephedrine alkaloids – substances that were prohibited in the US in 2004 because of their links to arrhythmia, heart attacks, strokes, and death. However, these compounds still show up in some supplements today.
  • Fish oil – if consumed more than one gram or more per day, it can raise the risk of atrial fibrillation, a type of abnormal heart rhythm.

General Health Guidelines

We all want to live a healthier life, but that becomes tricky if we don’t really know what healthy is. So, here are some general guidelines you can follow to stay healthy:

Don’t Seek Social Media Advice

We’re all aware of the impact influencer marketing has on us, but when it comes to promoting products related to your health, you need to be extra careful. The same goes for seeking advice from people on social media platforms—doctors say you should be an informed consumer, and not try everything other people advise taking.

Try to Eat More Balanced Meals

Our well-being heavily relies on the food we eat, which is why we’re told from a young age we should eat healthy and balanced food. And even if you want to eat healthily, but don’t have time to shop or cook, there are still some options for you.

You can try a food subscription such as Imperfect Foods or Misfits Market, which delivers fresh produce right to your door. And if you’re more inclined toward meal-delivery services, you can try services that deliver fresh meals rich in minerals and vitamins essential for energy.

Consult Your Doctor

Last but not least, consulting your doctor before changing your diet or supplement intake is always a good idea. Even though a lot of supplements are considered safe to take, discussing it with your doctor beforehand and using a health screening service is advisable to rule out any possible health conditions or side effects supplements could cause.


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