California Man Sues Psychic Reader for Not Removing Curse


NBC Los Angeles reports that a California man is suing a psychic reader for false claims—convincing him that she would remove a curse put on his marriage by his ex-girlfriend.

Mario Restrepo is suing Sophia Adams (a Palos Verdes Estates psychic) and her business (Psychic Love Specialist by Sophia) for fraud, seeking $25,000 in damages. The Torrance Superior Court also names as defendants her husband (George R. Adams), daughter (Tiffany Winston), and the clairvoyants working for the psychic reader (Christ and Polly Koutroumbis). The allegations include negligence, civil conspiracy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

On September 17, Restrepo began searching online for the most competent psychic reader, and Adams’ website popped up. After exchanging a few messages, Mario was on his way to the session.

Restrepo is suing Adams because of a promise she made to him—for $5,100, the psychic would lift a curse that his ex-girlfriend planted on him.

Psychic Promises to Remove ‘Mala Suerte’ for $5,100

Restrepo visited a psychic reader because he had troubles in his marriage but couldn’t understand why. Enter psychic Sophia Adams. As a licensed psychic reader, Adams convinced Restrepo (via tarot cards) that his marriage was in danger because of an ex-girlfriend hiring a witch and putting a curse on him. Adams assured Restrepo that she would lift the curse immediately.

Adams allegedly guaranteed to stop the mala suerte (bad luck) for $5,100. She even told Restrepo that his whole family would be “unhappy and in danger” if the curse were not removed. Troubled by the psychic’s statement, Restrepo gave Adams a $1,000 down payment.

The suit states: “Despite [Adams’] promises, [she] did not in any way help [Restrepo’s] marriage.” Since then, Restrepo has been suffering anxiety, anguish, and many sleepless nights.

The story highlights an important message—search for trustworthy psychics because many claim on the internet to be something they are not. In-depth research into psychic services on the internet and individual psychic readers is essential.


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