Apple’s Game-Changing New Chips Threaten Intel’s Dominance

This Monday, October 18, Apple has made a revolutionary breakthrough in introducing the new M1Pro and M1Max chips designed to power boost MacBook Pro laptops that were the star of the event, CNET informs. Apple has again found a way to be ahead of everyone else in the tech industry as there is a global chip shortage, caused by various factors.

The M1Pro chip allegedly offers mind-blowing quick performance making the MacBook extremely power-efficient. The tech company claims that due to its power efficiency, the battery will last twice as long, which is a dream come true for every MacBook fan around the world. Even the chief analyst at CCS Insight, Ben Wood said in a statement: “The M1Pro and the M1Max chips take this to new levels with further improvements in performance and battery life.”

Both chips have increased memory bandwidth and capacity. The M1Pro can reach up to 32GB of unified memory along with 200GB of memory bandwidth allowing game developers and 3D artists to express their ideas on the go. M1Max has 400GB of memory bandwidth and can support up to 64GB of unified memory.

The M1Pro is a new and improved version of M1 that packs in 33.7 billion transistors which is twice the amount of the previous generation. Also, it has 10 CPU (central processing unit) cores, resulting in an amazing CPU performance. This chip has up to 16 GPU (graphics processing unit) cores which is two times faster than M1. On the other hand, the M1Max has 10 CPU cores and 32 GPU cores. With 57 billion transistors in the chip, M1Max is the most powerful chip ever built.

The company believes that the revamped MacBook Pro, which comes in 14-inch or 16-inch screen size, will meet the demands of graphic designers, artists, and musicians – the userbase Apple initially designed MacBooks for.

Will M1Pro and M1Max Overthrow Intel?

With the introduction of M1 last year, Apple implicitly said they’ll be parting ways with Intel. They plan in the next two years to completely oust Intel chips from all Apple products. It seems as if the new chips are going to end Intel’s dominance in the past decades. During their event, Apple announced that the new chips could even overthrow Intel within the span of five years. The M1Pro and M1Max chips are created to translate the software on the Intel chips to ease the transition from one chip to another.


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