The Best Law Practice Management Software You Can Find in 2020

Managing a law practice can be tricky, to put it mildly.

Clients and case records to manage, documents to check, appointments to make, deadlines to keep and a schedule to keep track of. Let’s admit it, if you have to handle all of this on your own, it’s a huge drag spat right out of the maw of Chaos.

Here’s where legal software comes to the rescue. It can be the backbone you never knew your practice needed. But how can you choose the most fitting solution for your association?

I made a list of the best 11 law practice platforms out there. My reviews have listed the pros and cons of every software, main features, integrations, and pricing. They also focus on customer support. In other words, everything you need to know.

You’re probably wondering how I created this list.

How I Created This List

I had a 9-step plan to help me create this list for you.

  1. I read through a lot of reviews and users’ opinions to create a list of 40 law practice management software.
  2. Then I searched YouTube for in-depth tutorials. That helped me shorten the list to 20 platforms.
  3. I started testing them. 
  4. I compared the cost and business value. I eliminated from the list any software that wasn’t worth its price tag. I also kept my eyes open for any surprises with the pricing formation.
  5. Ease of use was another important factor I focused on. If there was a significant learning curve, I made sure the benefits of the software justified it. 
  6. Up to par management options were also a must when I did my testing. This is why you’re getting this software, after all.
  7. Personally, I love to be able to customize my software, so that it can fit my exact needs. That was another thing I looked for.
  8. I also checked if you can add widgets. You know, cuz they’re fun and useful.
  9. And finally, I researched customer support. After all, nothing is perfect and you will possibly run into trouble with the software. It’s where the customer support team comes in and you need them to be fast and willing to help.

The result was the list of the best law practice management software. Keep on reading to change your work life for the better.

The Best Law Practice Management Software

This is the rank list of the 11 management software for law practice, ordered from best to worst.



  • Easy to navigate
  • Adaptable
  • Brilliant customer support


  • Doesn’t sync properly with Google
  • Old-fashioned graphics
  • Glitches in some of the billing features

Ease of use

PracticePanther has an extremely intuitive interface. It’s easy to navigate and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll encounter any difficulties. If you do, worry not – you have one of the best customer support teams at your side.


Contact and Matter Management

With PracticePanther you can sort your contacts and matters with tags and lists. You can click the ‘Follow’ button and get notifications about new activity regarding clients and matters. 

You’ll be able to find any contact or case, save phone numbers, add emails, monitor statuses, etc. 

It’s like a whole team working for you, but in reality, it’s just one software. Mind-blowing, right?


Have you ever thought about how much easier life could be if you could just generate your invoices with a snap of your fingers? Well, no snapping is required with PracticePanther. Just a click.

Yep, that fast. The software lets you batch all your invoices, generate, print and email them for less than 30 seconds. 

That speed is just one of PP’s assets. You have at your disposal 6 different invoice themes. And if you don’t like any of them – you can create your own!

Some users have complained about glitches with some of the billing functions, so keep an eye open for those. 


You’ve probably been in a situation where someone claims they never received your email. Well, with PracticePanther you have the option to get notifications when your client views the email you sent them. You’ll also be notified when payments are made and when there’s any sort of development with any of your matters.

No need to be constantly stressed about updates anymore!


There are many situations where you just can’t make a phone call. Or you need to talk to numerous people at once. PracticePanther takes care of that with its chat feature. You can create collaborations with your team and see all their notes and internal messages on matters. 

Mobile App

You can download PracticePanther’s app from either the App Store or Google Play. It’s very adaptable and fits all screen sizes. You get unlimited access to all features and constant updates – for free!

Some think that the interface is slightly old-fashioned. But given all the benefits, we can overlook that tiny issue. 


PracticePanther comes with a truly impressive list of integrations. It works wonderfully with Jublilee, Docketwise, Zapier, QuickBooks, LawPay, Dropbox, Name Warden, Apptoto, Record Grabber, YoCierge, PIeSync, etc. Some have noted problems with Google apps integration, so keep that in mind. 

Customer Support

The customer support team at PracticePanther is truly brilliant. Their answers are lighting fast and they are always ready to help. You can reach them via email, chat or phone. They also have an added option – support forum. Every question posted there is answered with screenshots and even videos!

Not only that but when you sign up for PracticePanther, you get a designated account manager. So whenever you’re facing difficulties with the software, they’re only a phone call away. 


PracticePanther has three packages available to you. Solo, billed $49 per user per month or $39 per user annually. The Essential package billed $69 per user per month or $59 for a year. And last, but not least – Business, which is $89 per user for a month and $79 if you choose to be billed annually. 


PracticePanther is hands-down the best law firm practice management software I tested. It has it all and for a very reasonable price at that. 

Want to check out what the hype is all about? Go on and try PracticePanther today!



  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Constantly improving


  • Doesn’t save emails in date order
  • Invoices can be confusing
  • Creating billing templates is a bit hard

Ease of use

Clio is very intuitive and еasy to use. Very few have complained of difficulties, but should you encounter such – fear not! The customer support has your back and is always willing to help solve any issues.


Matter Management

The days of chaos are gone! With Clio, you won’t waste time manually tracking, organizing, and adding notes to case information. You can link contacts, tasks, events, and communication to their corresponding matter. Clio helps you organize texts, notes, and video files for all your cases.

The best part? You get unlimited document storage!

Custom Fields

Clio lets you create custom fields. You will be able to customize all the information about your cases. You can search and browse information in your custom fields. When applied to document templates, they will pull case information automatically every time you create a new document.


Get paid quicker with Clio’s legal billing feature. You can create and approve bills, track their status, apply discounts and then send them to your clients via email. 

However, I need to mention that some users have complained that emails are not saved in date order, so keep an eye out for that. Also, creating billing templates might be hard at first. 

At least you don’t have to fear that any of that data will leak – Clio’s Client Portal is one of the most secure ones out there.


Prepare to receive your accountant’s eternal gratitude. Clio helps you manage all your financials. With the software’s help, you can export income statements and balance sheets. You can also track bank accounts, trust funds, and maintain client profiles.

Mobile App

Clio’s mobile app is suitable both for iOS and Android. So no matter what device you use, you’ll have constant access to all the information you need. You will be able to easily navigate between clients, matters, cases, bills, etc. 

The mobile app shows you your top five most important tasks and events. Recent updates are also shown on the app’s home screen.

You’re no longer tied to your laptop. Isn’t that great!


Clio’s list of integrations is admirable. You can archive emails directly from Gmail or Outlook. You can also sync your Clio contacts with either of them. For your bills and money management as a whole, you can integrate with Quickbooks or Xero. And if you have files in OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox,, or NetDocuments, you can link any of those platforms to a Clio Matter and access them through the software.

Customer support

Clio’s customer support team is incredible. They work on cases as fast as possible and are always ready to provide you with the answers you need. Feel free to call them any time you need help and rest assured that your problems will be taken care of. 

You can reach them via chat, email or just call the number you see on the website.


For all its amazing features, Clio is very reasonably priced. The price range is between $39 and $125 per user per month, depending on which solution you choose – Clio Manage, Clio Grow or Clio Suite.


If you’ve researched legal management software before, you’re already familiar with Clio. It’s literally everywhere. There’s a good reason for that – it’s amazing. With its vast variety of features, Clio is the solution that will make your life easier.

Don’t hesitate! You can also try Clio for free and see for yourself how it fits you!



  • Easy to use
  • Constant updates
  • Amazing customer service


  • Outdated looking dashboard
  • Not many customization options
  • Email integration bugs

Ease of use

MyCase is user-friendly and there’s a small learning curve to speak of. If you find any feature confusing, there are helpful articles on the website. You can also talk to the support team. 


Case Management

MyCase has a wonderfully comprehensive dashboard. It shows history details, case progress, and any recent updates.

Some users have complained that the dashboard looks outdated and there are not many customization options, but that hardly stops the workflow. 

You can review cases, take the actions needed and rest assured that you’ll always be up to date with any new developments. 

MyCase makes tracking the cases your firm has handled for a particular month a breeze. This lets you keep tabs on how your monthly caseload is growing. You can also see snapshots of Amount Billed vs Amount Collected and keep up with your finances. 


You shouldn’t worry about collecting payments, tracking invoices and time, and everything in-between with MyCase’s billing feature.

You will now be able to automate the whole process of creating invoices. The software pulls out the time from each case and applies to the designated invoice, thus saving you hours a month of work.

MyCase also lets your clients pay in any way they choose:

  • in your office
  • over the phone
  • online via Credit Card or eCheck

The whole process is fast, simple and secure.


Aside from tracking everything invoice connected, you will get time and expense records. 

Designated financial performance reports are another one of MyCase’s stellar features. Whether you’re tracking individual attorney, staff, practice area or just your cases, the reports have all the information you need. 

MyCase works with QuickBooks and the merge is fast and painless. So if you prefer to do things this way, they’ve taken care of that too. 

Client Portal

MyCase has a fully optimized Client Portal. With its help, you can send and receive messages, send emails and easily access all the records you need. 

Oh, by the way – you’ll get a notification when a client opens your email. That way, you’ll never have to deal with the ‘It got lost in the mail’ excuse again. Especially if you send the email at the appropriate time.

Beware of bugs with the emailing feature, though. If you encounter any, rest assured that MyCase is constantly being updated. That means that any glitches will be taken care of. 

Mobile App

MyCase’s mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. It’s minimalist, stable, and overall great user experience is guaranteed. 


As I already mentioned, MyCase integrates flawlessly with QuickBooks. It also integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook to help you keep up with deadlines.

Customer Support

Don’t hesitate to contact MyCase’s customer support team, they’re amazing. You can reach them via email or phone. There’s also a chat option that at the time of writing is unavailable. 

Not only that but at the ‘Support’ section of the site, you will find helpful articles and training sessions. All in the name of making your user experience great.


MyCase is truly one of the most affordable law office management software that I tested. If billed annually, it’s $39 per user per month. If you choose to pay monthly, it is $49 per user per month.


If you want the full package – easy to use, good features and affordable price – MyCase is the solution for you.

Don’t waste any more time and try it for free now!




  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding accounting system
  • Great customer support


  • Problems with the integrations
  • Glitches
  • Pricey

Ease of use

The CosmoLex legal practice management system is extremely user-friendly. Even if you encounter a stumbling block along the way, you have help at your disposal. There’s a great resource base on their website, with articles and videos that will help you with almost any problem. In case that’s not enough, you can always contact the support team.


Custom Fields

CosmoLex comes with customizable fields. You can choose and add the type of custom field you need. You can create labels, specialized document templates and then filter and export your data in a format you find fitting.


CosmoLex’s billing feature is specially designed for lawyers. It offers invoices, payment reminders, past-due notice, and bookkeeping integrations. 

It also supports multiple billing models. You can batch invoices, which means you can generate invoices for all of your clients in just one click! Hooray for time-saving! 

And you shouldn’t worry about electronic billing anymore. CosmoLex takes care of that too.

Nobody likes accounting and the team behind CosmoLex knows that. 

Document Management

CosmoLex’s document management feature is perfected specifically for legal professionals. It organizes your digital records according to your legal matters, so you won’t have to look long for the files you need. The whole process is extremely simplified, all in the name of saving time.

You can also create and store an unlimited amount of custom templates for documents. That way you can make any file fitting for your particular needs.

Еmail Management

CosmoLex allows you to export all your databases from the most common email tools. It will sort them out automatically, attaching them to the appropriate client matter. You will be able to track everything related to your communications – like the time spent reading, responding, and reacting to emails.

However, it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows. Users have complained that there are often glitches with CosmoLex’s features. While not a big deal, it can sure get annoying. 

Mobile App

CosmoLex’s app works swimmingly on both iOS and Android devices. Wherever you go, all the information you need comes with you. Without dragging numerous pieces of paper everywhere with you!


CosmoLex integrates with numerous third-party apps. It works with Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.  It also integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Yahoo Mail. You can sync it with you Google and Office 365 calendars too. 

The impressive list aside, integrations seem to be CosmoLex’s Achilles heel. There have been a lot of problems with integrating reported. Some users even quit using the software because of that. 

Customer Support

The customer support team has been praised a lot and with good reason. They reply as fast as possible and are always polite and willing to help. 

You can reach them via phone, chat or you can just submit a ticket on the website. 

CosmoLex also helps you connect with certified consultants, in case you need help with accounting.


CosmoLex comes at $69 per month if billed annually or $79 if billed monthly. Definitely not the cheapest solution out there. 


CosmoLex comes with a lot of brilliant features, that’s a fact. It also supports a lot of third-party integrations. However, it is not cheap and given the problems that have been reported with the integrations, it left me with mixed feelings.

Wanna see if CosmoLex is the software for you? Go on and try it for free today! No credit card info is required.


Rocker Matter


  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Best billing features


  • Calendar sync issues
  • Glitches
  • Not the greatest customer support

Ease of use

Rocket Matter is extremely user-friendly. Users universally say you can hit the ground running with this software. There are even great e-books and resources offered on the website, in case you need assistance. Of course, you can always contact the support team too.


Custom features

Rocket Matter lets you customize all your matter templates so that you can have a truly unique experience. 

You can customize your dashboard too. Rocket Matter lets you choose between task-centric or calendar-centric views. You can also customize all of the dashboard’s settings, so the interface fits your style like a glove. There’s also the option to add widgets, which is always cool!

Document Management

You can import your documents wirelessly, automatically import deadlines, and generate reports. Overall, Rocket Matter makes document management as easy as pie.

Keep an open eye for calendar sync issues, it has been reported that sometimes you need to do it twice to get it to work properly. 


Rocket Matter has the best billing features of all the software I tested. 

As with almost all other aspects, you have the full freedom to customize the invoices in a way that you find fitting. You can have the logo, fonts, and design you want. No problem at all with Rocket Matter.

The billing feature also helps you with multitasking. You can define tax rates, sort bills in batches, automate calculations and sync invoices, trust account credits and debits, expenses, etc. 

Although amazing, you might experience some glitches with Rocket Matter. While not unusual for software in general, it might get annoying.

The Winterfell edition

Here’s an Easter egg for all Game of Thrones fans! Rocket Matter has a Winterfell edition! It’s just as easy to customize and use as the regular one, but it is more powerful and has some additional application upgrades.

Besides, it sounds cool. 

Mobile App

With Rocket Matter’s mobile app you can work from wherever you are. You can find it both in the App Store and on Google Play. It has a very clean and easy to navigate interface. It lets you access your matter information, open timers, upload and view documents, etc. What’s more freeing than being able to easily work on the go?


Rocket Matter works with QuickBooks, Outlook, Evernote, and Dropbox. It also syncs with Google Calendar, the Office 365 package, and even Skype. You can use it with other law software, such as LexCharge, Lawmatics, and Uptime JurisPage. 

Customer Support 

Some users have complained about customer support. Slow answers were most often pointed as a reason for dissatisfaction. It seems to be a common problem in law practice management software.

With Rocket Matter, you get email, chat and phone support. Also, there are a lot of useful articles and video training on their page on the website. 


Rocket Matter is $55 for a user per month if billed annually or $65 month-to-month. Given how many features it offers, it’s a great price. 


Rocket Matter is highly customizable and has brilliant billing features. There might be some hiccups and glitches, but the price is reasonable and the features are worth it.

If you wanna rule the Seven Kingdoms, you’re gonna need a good legal software by your side. Go on and try Rocket Matter, it is a worthy advisor!



(screenshot taken from this video)


  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Features designed for you


  • Can be slow
  • Glitches
  • Slow customer support

Ease of use

AbacusLaw is very intuitive and super easy to use. Its website features a thorough knowledge base that provides answers to most questions you can come up with. Scheduled training is also an option, should you feel the need for such.


Customizable Features

With AbacusLaw you can get a customized solution, designed to fit your needs. 

That’s right.

Features designed especially for you. Highly customizable ones at that. 

You can choose between local or cloud-based solutions and rest assured that your matters will stay secure. 

AbacusLaw also has the so-called Practice Area Legal Solutions (”PALS”). Thanks to that you get custom reports, individual input forms, specific terminology, etc. 

Talk about creative freedom.


With AbacusLaw you can automatically generate invoices for any sort of fee arrangement or billing schedule. Like most things AbacusLaw, all templates are highly customizable to fit your individual needs. You can format your bills and fee arrangements, set a billing schedule and create a chart of accounts.

Time Tracking

Billing for time has never been easier than with AbacusLaw. The time tracking feature is 100% accurate and very intuitive. It will record every second of billable time.

Form Generation

The days of manually generating forms are behind us! AbacusLaw generates signature-ready forms by merging the already existing information in your database. You can personalize the templates, so they fit the needs of your association. The smart-forms auto-populate for you, which is one less thing to take care of. 

Mobile App

AbacusLaw’s app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It lets you access matters, deadlines, schedules, contacts, notes, emails, matter documents, and more while you’re on the go. It also comes with a mobile time tracker, that lets you bill the time spent outside the office. 

Even though AbacusLaw has a lot to offer, it can get slow and glitchy sometimes. Coupled with a hectic daily routine, this can sure be annoying to deal with. 


AbacusLaw works with Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Timeslips, Fonality, Nextiva, and Abacus Payment Exchange. You can also sync it with QuickBooks. A pretty decent list of integrations, although not the richest one out there. 

Customer Support

Customer Support seems to be one of AbacusLaw’s weaknesses. Many have reported that it is hard to get to them and the wait time after they get your call is ridiculous. One user mentioned waiting for 30 minutes!

This is an issue I personally wouldn’t ignore. 

If the prospect of waiting is no big deal for you, you can contact the customer support team via email or phone. 


AbacusLaw has stellar customization options. It’s one of the software that gives you the biggest freedom when it comes to personalization. However, the whole customer support issue is serious enough to stop me from putting AbacusLaw on top of my list.

Wanna see how creative you can get with a law practice management software? Contact AbacusLaw for a free demo now!




  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Great customer support


  • Not many customization options
  • You can only open one window at a time per client
  • Difficulty dealing with invoices

Ease of use

TimeSolv is really intuitive and easy to use. They offer training and onboarding to get you started easily and effortlessly. You get a dedicated success manager to help you and guide you during your first steps with the software. There’s also a knowledge base with video tutorials, in case you prefer to figure things out by yourself. And, of course,  if you get stuck, you can always contact the support team with any questions.


Document management

TimeSolv saves your documents on the cloud. You can organize your information by adding tags, creating folders and attaching documents to projects and matters.

You can also create custom documents for clients and matters. Make custom templates, insert unique information fields and attach them to the client or case they’re meant for.

Some users have complained that they cannot have more than one window at a time per client, which is arguably annoying.

Time Management

TimeSolv makes sure you stay on track and under budget. It takes nearly zero effort to make sure your operations are on schedule and on budget. It lets you choose to authorize overtime, limit billable hours or add fixed fees. 


TimeSolv has stellar billing features. It accurately determines and expenses for every matter. Not only that, but you can track the whole process in real-time. 

When it comes to invoicing, there are small hiccups along the way. Invoices have been reported to be difficult to understand sometimes. Crashes when finalizing invoices have also been mentioned.

Trust Accounting

TimeSolv lets you track your trust accounts and also automatically pay invoices and replenish. 

When sent, your invoices will be marked automatically paid and the fee will be deducted from the appropriate trust account. You can also transfer funds between matter trust accounts. 

You will get detailed reports for all events regarding trust accounts you’re involved with. 

Mobile App

You can download the TimeSolv mobile app both on Apple and Android devices. It has a built-in timer, so you can track the billable time spent outside the office. You can also track phone calls, whether you’re online or not. It also works with the voice-to-text feature on most phones.


TimeSolv works with QuickBooks, Dropbox, Netdocuments, and Accountedge. You can also integrate LawPay’s Client Portal.

While not the richest list of integrations, it covers the basics.

Customer Support

I only saw praises when it comes to TimeSolv’s customer support team. They have been praised for their fast response and willingness to help. 

You can reach them via phone or email, or submit your questions on the website. 


You can choose between two plans – TimeSolv Legal and TimeSolv Pro. TimeSolv legal is $34.95 per user if billed monthly and $31.46 per user if billed annually. TimeSolv Pro is $19.95 per user for a month and $17.95 per user if paid annually.


TimeSolv is maybe the most affordable law office software I’ve reviewed. For such a surprisingly low price, it comes with some amazing features. Truly a steal.

If you too, like me, have difficulty believing how affordable and good this software is, I urge you to try TimeSolv’s free trial now!





  • Customizable
  • Transparency – you can see what everyone is doing at all times
  • Great organization features


  • Learning curve
  • Format conversion problems
  • Not the best customer support

Ease of use

Actionstep has quite a steep learning curve. However, its website offers brilliant user guides. You can also contact the support team with your questions.


Matter and Client Management

Actionstep lets you customize almost all of its features. You can create an individual set of tasks for every matter and client. You can also automate information collecting, task assignment, and work delegation. 

Be warned that some users have complained about format conversion problems. 

Matter types can be customized each with unique workflow, custom fields, document templates, folder structures, reports, etc. 

Every client of yours will get their own contact record so that you’ll be able to track your communication and everything related to their matter. 


Actionstep’s billing feature is designed specifically for law firms. If offers: 

  • Matter-Level Bill Customization
  • Time and Fixed-Fee Billing
  • Quotes and Fee Estimates
  • Mass and Email Billing
  • Flexible Invoice Templates
  • Flexible Time Entry
  • General Retainer
  • Discounts
  • Rate-Sheet Overrides
  • Write-Ups / Write-Downs
  • Expense Recovery / Disbursements
  • many more

One of the best things about Actionstep is that full-back and front office functionality. That means that you can choose to either replace the accounting software you’re currently using or use Actionstep’s front-office features alongside the software of your choice.

Client Portal

With Actionstep you can set up a Client Portal and choose who can have access to it. That way you can share documents with your clients and rest assured that the communication is encrypted.

You are also in charge of how much control each party has over the Client Portal. With your permission, clients can create, upload, read, edit or delete documents by folder.

Mobile App

Actionstep comes with a mobile app that works both on iOS and Android devices. All the information you need is displayed on the home screen –  tasks, appointments, timesheets, etc. It also has a built-in timer, so that you can track your time outside the office easily. 

With such a functional mobile app, you won’t need to be tied to your desk to work!


Actionstep integrates seamlessly with Box, Dropbox, Bundledox, Netdocuments, and Hotdocs. You can also use it with Google Drive, Gmail, and the Microsoft Office bundle. It works with QuickBooks, Zapier, and Xero too, so if you already work with one of them, you’re good to go.


During my research, I encountered quite a few user reviews, that mention that Actionstep’s support team is not the best one out there. So do keep that in mind before investing.

Another negative thing concerning the support is that you can only reach them via email. No chat or phone call option. If you have any urgent issues, you’ll just have to wait until they answer the email.


Actionstep has three plans available. The cheapest one, Express, starts at $59 per user if you pay monthly and $49 if you choose to be billed annually. This certainly means that Actionstep is not one of the cheapest solutions.


Actionstep is a highly customizable solution, which comes with a lot of extremely useful features. However, I can’t close my eyes to customer support issues. For the price they’ve put, I expect only the best.

Go on and try Actionstep for yourself! It might turn out to be just the right legal project management software for your association.




  • Еasy to use
  • Customizing options
  • Reasonable price


  • Sometimes slow
  • Can be unstable
  • Glitches when finalizing invoices 

Ease of use

Bill4Time is very user-friendly and easy to use. It is highly unlikely that you’ll encounter any difficulties with the software. However, if you do, there’s a great knowledge base provided on the website. Bill4Time also has a YouTube channel with training videos. If you still have questions, you can contact the support team – they genuinely do their best to help you.


Task Management

With Bill4Time you can create and assign tasks for all projects. The software lets you customize the description and details of each task. You also sort projects by high, medium or low priority and delegate them to other members of your firm.

One of the greatest things about Bill4Time is that you can convert a task to time entry. This means you can bill for more time when you convert completed tasks into time entries. Isn’t that amazing?

Now you get where the name of the software comes from.

And speaking of billing:


You can easily customize the default rates and mix hourly and flat rates for every individual client.

You will also be able to create professional branded invoices with just a few clicks. We all know how important branding is, right?

You can also create pre-bills and statements. The payment terms, currency, and late fees are all up to you to set according to your needs. 

Some users have reported glitches when finalizing invoices. While it was not a complaint I encountered often, it’s good to keep it in mind.

Document Management

Bill4Time lets you upload an unlimited amount of documents, as you have the option for unlimited storage when signing up for the software. 

You will be able to upload and download matter files to specific folders. Also, duplication and re-using files has never been easier!

You can also create custom folders and sub-folders and nest them inside already existing folders. The sub-folders are great for correspondences, notes, bills and expenses, pleadings, and retainers (among other things) for all individual clients. 

And although that sounds great, Bill4Time can be slow and unstable. It’s not optimal, to put it mildly. The software is updated often, however, so I hope this will be fixed in the near future.

Mobile App

You can find Bill4Time’s app on both the App Store and Google Play. It works wonderfully on all types of devices – mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC. 

The most useful thing about it is that it works even when you’re offline! You can complete all your tasks without worrying or running around to find a good WiFi connection. The app will automatically sync, once it detects a stable internet connection.


Bill4Time works with LawPay, Blumberg’s Law Products, Cyber Revolution, and NexFirm. It also integrates with QuickBooks, Uptime Legal Systems, MS Outlook, and Google Calendar.

All in all, a decent set of integrations. 


From all of the reviews I’ve read, I didn’t encounter any highly positive or highly negative mentions of Bill4Time’s support team. Overall, they’re nice and helpful and do their best to resolve any issues you might have.

You can reach them via phone or email.


Bill4Time has three plans – Time&Billing, Legal Pro and Legal Enterprise. Time&Billing is $27 per user per month when billed annually. Legal Pro comes at $45 and Legal Enterprise is at $80.


Bill4Time is a software that gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing elements. However, it does have some downsides. I just can’t ignore it – it is sometimes too slow and unreliable. While I do think this issue is going to be fixed in the near future, it stopped me from putting Bill4Time higher on my list at the time of writing.

Wanna try a good legal case management software for a very reasonable price? Head to Bill4Time’s site and sign-up for a free trial.


Houdini ESQ


  • Free for solo practitioners
  • Feature-rich
  • Color-coding option for appointments


  • Steep-ish learning curve
  • Outdated interface
  • Can’t process payments without 3rd party software

Ease of use

Users have reported that HoudiniEsq has a learning curve. Don’t let that discourage you! There’s a great knowledge base provided on the website. You can also schedule a call or training with an instructor for free. You can also contact the support team with any of your questions. 



The HoudiniESQ dashboard lets you see everything you need with just a glance. You will be able to browse through matters and client files, see emails, manage your schedule and keep up with any updates. Any information you need is just a click away! 

Its only downside is it looks a bit outdated. While it’s not a huge issue, maybe a more modern interface will be welcomed warmly. 

Case Management

Case management has never been easier! The software puts all communication and information in one place, so you can leave behind the chaos you might be used to. Managing cases, clients, documents, bills, contracts, schedules, etc. – HoudiniESQ makes sure all of this is easy and, dare I say, almost enjoyable.

The best thing? 

You can color-code appointments. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about color-coding since writing my M.A. thesis.


With HoudiniESQ’s billing and invoicing feature, you will be able to keep track of your expenses, manage trust fees, check client balances, create and send invoices. 

The time-tracker allows you to bill for the time you spend working on a case.

Unfortunately, you can’t process payments directly through the software. But worry not, I’ll list the possible integrations that can help with whatever HoudiniESQ lacks.

Mobile App

HoudiniESQ’s app runs on any device running iOS 7 and above as well as on Android devices. With it, you can edit and add records, add notes, events, to-do lists, send emails, manage contacts and exhibits, etc.


HoudiniESQ integrates with the Office 365 package, Gmail, Adobe Document Cloud, and QuickBooks. You can also use it with Outlook and LawPay.


The support team are nice and try to answer any questions as fast as possible. I haven’t seen any complaints about them.

You can reach them via phone or submit a ticket on the website. As I mentioned in the beginning, in case you need any help with the training, you can schedule training for free.


If you’re looking for the best law practice management software for solo practitioners, then HoudiniESQ is the solution for you.


Because if you’re running solo, it is free to use.

Yep, no joke.

For in-house practice, it is $21 per user per month. For an in-house enterprise, it is $39 per user per month. For the Cloud & Beyond option, you’ll pay $64 per user every month.


HoudiniESQ is the best solution for solo practitioners out there. It’s very functional and although not perfect, it serves its purpose beautifully. 

Can’t believe such a good software can come at such low prices? Then go on, download Houdini ESQ and see for yourself!


Zola Suite


  • Easy to use
  • Regular updates
  • Good customer support


  • Mac integration problems
  • The email function is slow to load
  • Reporting features could use improvement

Ease of use

Zola Suite is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. Once you sign up for the software, you get an onboarding specialist to help walk you through all its aspects. Even if you have any difficulties or questions, you’ll have help all the way through.


Matter Management

With Zola Suite’s Matter Management feature, you can track everything case-related. You will get a notification whenever there are any updates on the matters you’re working on. You will also be notified if deadlines are not being kept. You can tag, sort, filter and create sub-tasks for your team.


Zola Suite’s billing feature is amazing. You can choose whether to rely on integrations or use built-in features. 

You can open multiple timers, designate billable time, filter unbilled activities, manage retainers, accept credit cards – all of that with guaranteed safety. 

Zola Suite lets you customize your invoices to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

You can also get advanced financial reports, although reports, in general, are not Zola Suite’s strongest feature.

Client Portal

With Zola Suite’s Client Portal you can safely exchange documents with your clients. You will also get paid faster via the Client Portal – you will be able to send invoices to your clients with just a few clicks. They can pay you through the Portal with credit or debit cards. 

While all of this seems great, Zola Suite has one major disadvantage – it just doesn’t work on MacBooks. But as it does get frequent updates, I hope they will solve this issue soon.

Mobile App

Zola Suite has a mobile app, suitable for both iOS and Android devices. The app has your association’s branding at the forefront. It can be accessed not only by you but by your clients too.

Yeah, you heard that correctly. It will not only make your life easier – your clients will benefit too.

They can scan documents, capture images, and pay invoices through the app. Practical and useful, isn’t it?


Zola Suite works with Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar, IMAP, and Gmail.

Some users claim they had issues with emails – that they load too slowly. Just a heads up.

Zola Suite works also with OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. It is expected that soon the software will be able to integrate with iManage, NetDocuments, and Worlddox.

You can use the solution with QuickBooks, Ricoh, and LawToolBox too.

Customer Support

I already mentioned that you get an onboarding specialist to help you get used to the software. They also have a lot of useful articles on their website, in case something is still unclear. You can also reach the support team by submitting a ticket or by phone or email. They’re very friendly and always ready to help.


Zola Suite has three plans available – Core, Enterprise, and EnterprisePlus. Core is $59 per user/month, Enterprise is $79 per user/month, and EnterprisePlus is $89 per user/month if billed annually.


Zola Suite has some amazing features, that are truly worth checking out. The whole Mac issue is the one thing that stopped me from putting this exact software in my Top 5. Otherwise, it is a very good solution.

I urge you to check out Zola Suite and try for yourself just how beautiful you can get an invoice to look!

Take a deep breath now. That was quite the list, I know.

Now you know which are the best legal practice management software on the market. But you’re probably wondering how to choose the best solution for you.

I’ve got ya.

How to Choose the Best Legal Software?

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself, before purchasing any of the listed software. They will help you navigate through my law practice management software reviews and choose the most fitting solution for you and your association.

Here they are:

  • Which features do you or your association need the most?
  • Can you do without some of the more common features? If yes, which ones?
  • Do you want features designed for your individual needs?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Are you willing to go over that budget if a solution offers rare features – or such that are tailor-made to your use case?
  • Do you find customization options a necessity?
  • Is quality customer support a priority?
  • What kinds of integrations do you need?
  • Is a modern interface important to you?

That list of questions might look a bit long and like it’s too much work to figure this all out. I get it. It will give you an invaluable perspective, I promise. 

The most important part is knowing what you can compromise with and what is of utmost importance for you. Using my questions like pointers will help tremendously. 

Key Takeaways

That was quite the article.

You came here looking for a way to organize your working life. You needed the best legal software. You wanted to know what’s out there on the market and how to choose the best possible solution for you personally.

This list is for you.

I outlined all the pros and cons of each software. Tested the ease of use. Researched the customer support offered. I also made sure that the features offered are relevant for your type of association.

The law practice management software I’ve listed are truly the best ones. 

But before you jump straight into downloading a solution, think for a second.

It’s quite the big change you’re about to make.

Are you truly ready for it?

Gladly, each software we reviewed has a free trial. You can take it out for a spin without any commitment and see how it works. Once you’ve seen the benefits, it’s going to be way easier to dive with both feet and make the change. I am going to assume that one or two of the listed law practice management software have caught your eye.

Go on! Download them and enjoy the positive change you’re about to experience!


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