Best Privacy Policy Generator for Business Websites & Blogs

While privacy policies are among the most annoying things for internet users who just want to access their new mobile app or website profile already, they are a must for website owners.

Hiring a legal professional to draft your privacy policy, however, is a costly affair. Fortunately, in this day and age, there is a digital solution for everything. That’s why we prepared a list of the top options on the market, so, read on to select the best privacy policy generator for your website.


Top Privacy Policy Generator Tools

1. TermsFeed

Access to resources

4-step policy generator

Live support

Best privacy policy generator overall

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TermsFeed is one of the top privacy policy generator tools available now. It lets you create your own policy, choosing the documents you want to include. This is amazing, because no one knows the legal needs of your business better than yourself. It’s incredibly easy to use and is ultimately affordable.

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2. Iubenda

Fully customizable

One-click cookie policy clause

Available in multiple languages

The most customizable

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Are you running an international business? Do you need a privacy policy that is catered exactly to your needs and translated in multiple languages? You can have all that and a lot more with Iubenda. All these features, plus updates according to all applicable international laws, make Iubenda a very popular privacy policy generator.

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3. Website Policies

Automatic legal updates

Free hosting

Affordable paid plan

Best for those who don’t want to use templates

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If you are tired of those cookie-cutter-style privacy policies, and you want to create one that suits your business just right, then Website Policies is the solution for you. Whether you are looking for a website or a mobile app privacy policy generator, WP has got you covered. And the best part is, it is amazingly affordable.

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4. Privacy Policies


Remarketing clauses

Docx and PDF formats available

Best for legal updates worldwide

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If you don’t mind paying a bit extra one time to have a peace of mind in the long run, then this is the best privacy policy generator tool for you. With a wide range of clauses available to choose from, and not limiting you with pre-made templates, Privacy Policies allows you to create your own privacy policy quickly so you can focus on the more interesting aspects of your business.

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5. WP AutoTerms

Easy to use

Cookie notice banner

Endorsement disclaimer

Best for bloggers and WP users

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If you are working on a WordPress blog or website, then WP AutoTerms is quite possibly one of the most accurate privacy policy generators for you. It integrates easily with your WP page, and is amazingly easy to use. On top of all that, it’s affordable.

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6. 3D Cart

Free personalized policy

Easy to create policy

Immediate access to policy details

Best for ecommerce purposes

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One of the best privacy policy generator tools for all ecommerce business owners looking for a quick solution. In just a few clicks and “copy-pastes” you will have access to your policy and all its details. And while you’re there, you may want to consider hosting your site with 3DCart as well.

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7. Trust Guard

Privacy policy disclosed by clicking on seal

Includes a seal of trust

Quarterly or daily scans

Best for safety and protection

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For those who need additional protection included in their privacy policy generator, Trust Guard is a godsend. It will set your policy quickly and effectively, while giving you options to provide added safety features for both you and your clients/site visitors.

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8. Free Privacy Policy

Social media plugin

Google analytics

Google services compliance

Simple privacy policy generator

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This is one of the best privacy policy makers for everyone looking for a good basic policy, with a possibility to customize it for a price. It offers a quick setup, and you are the one who chooses what features will be included.

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9. Privacy Policy Generator

Free T&C and Cookie policy included

Quick and easy

No need to register

Best if you need a privacy policy in a hurry

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Imagine this: your website or store is set up and ready to go, but you forgot to generate a privacy policy. You need one quickly, and possibly for free. Lucky for you, Privacy Policy Generator comes to the rescue. You can generate and publish your policy within minutes.

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Our Methodology

While creating this list of best privacy policy tools and generators, there were several factors we considered — you can also use those for your own selection process.

Some of the criteria we applied were:

  • Ease of Use: We made sure to give preference to beginner-friendly solutions, and took the time to confirm that they are indeed easy to use.
  • Compliance: If you want your privacy policy to be bulletproof, it needs to be fully compliant with the applicable international, federal, and state laws (GDPR, CalOPPA, COPPA, etc.). We examined how well each software addresses this issue.
  • Comprehensiveness: How easy the policy is to understand and apply once it has been generated.
  • Customizability: We studied how much space each software gives you to create a customized policy to cater to your needs.
  • Cost & Pricing: You don’t want your privacy policy to drain your budget, but you also want quality. That’s why we looked for platforms that offer good value for money (where they are paid).

At a Glance

  • Live support
  • Access to resources
  • 4-step policy generator
  • Affordable
  • Compliant with many laws worldwide
  • Easy to use
  • Limited free resources
  • Seems a bit pricey at first


The first entry on our list is considered the best privacy policy generator overall. Whether it’s because of its affordability, user-friendliness, or something else, we’ll see in the review below.

Whether you run an ecommerce store, a website, an app, a blog, or just any kind of online platform, TermsFeed has what you need (rhyme not intended) in terms of legal agreements and policies.

The process of setting up a TermsFeed account is very simple. You just need to fill out the basic information regarding your website/app/company, press “download,” and you’re good to go. TermsFeed’s interface is very user friendly, and most users laud it as one of the simplest privacy policy generator tools out there.

The variety of features offered by TermsFeed includes but is not limited to:

  • GDPR and CalOPPA compliant
  • 4-step policy generator
  • Live support
  • Worldwide legal updates
  • Single payment (no monthly fees)

Before crunching the numbers, we must note that TermsFeed offers generating certain agreements like cookies policy or CCPA Opt-out for free. Rather than getting a generic privacy policy for a fee, you decide on the features you want, from standard policy to cookie-agreements. Each of those has a different price, and the total cost can be anything in the range of $16-$80. It may sound like a lot, but you only pay for it once, and you’re done. No monthly deductions, no hidden fees.

TermsFeed offers 24-hour live chat support, but its users also have access to multiple resources such as videos, e-books, presentations, and templates.

At a Glance

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Fully customizable
  • One-click cookie policy clause
  • Self-updating
  • Compliant with hundreds of laws worldwide
  • Time-consuming setup
  • Could be pricey
  • No full ownership of policy


If TermsFeed didn’t offer enough space for personalization and customization, then Iubenda is your go-to. The nearly unlimited opportunities to generate policies according to your needs and privacy concerns make Iubenda a very popular and trusted tool.

Iubenda is often described as “having your private lawyer,” meaning that it is aimed at everyone who wants to focus on their business and not worry about legal issues.

Unlike TermsFeed, Iubenda allows unlimited customizability. That, however, means that creating your policy with this privacy policy online tool is going to be time-consuming. Iubenda will need you to decide on every single small aspect of your policy, but that’s the price that comes with a fully customizable generator.
Then, the interface could be a bit more beginner-friendly. If you are familiar with privacy policy tools, however, you should have no problems.

Iubenda offers a free policy, but it does not include terms and conditions nor any CalOPPA, CCPA or GDPR clauses. So it is more of a template, rather than a full-fledged policy.
The paid plans, however offer a plethora of features, including:

  • 1-click cookie policy activation
  • Over 600 privacy policy clauses
  • Regular updating with legal systems worldwide
  • Generates policies in multiple languages
  • Iubenda has one major drawback though — you never have full ownership of your policy. Instead, you apply it to your blog/website/mobile app as a link or a widget.

Iubenda offers 3 sets of plans for single website/business:

  • Basic: free plan, with the aforementioned limitations
  • Pro: Offers full privacy and cookie policies, with 100% customizability — $29/year per language.
  • Ultra: Everything offered in the Pro plan + terms and conditions — $129/year per language.
  • Iubenda also offers plans for multiple websites and businesses, prices for which are available on quote.

Iubenda offers support through emails, a forum and very helpful webinars.

At a Glance

  • Affordable paid plan
  • Automatic legal updates
  • Free hosting
  • Free version
  • 100% customizable
  • Downloadable policies
  • Time-consuming setup
  • Limited options on free plan
  • Limited client support


With Website Policies you get the opportunity to create your own policy, without any existing templates, for free.

Website Policies is a tool for generating a privacy policy for website or mobile apps owners. It’s one of the tools that don’t use a privacy policy template. All policies are created from scratch.

While it boasts a rather user-friendly interface, setting up a policy with this generator can turn out to be time-consuming, as there is no quick setup option.

Website Policies offers an amazing range of features with both the free and paid plans. Some of these include:

  • Policies downloadable as plain text or HTML
  • Customized legal agreements
  • Automatic legal updates
  • Free hosting
  • Comprehensive privacy policy content

Website Policies offers its services through 2 plans:

  • Basic: includes compliance with international laws, downloadable policies, free hosting and many other features. It is free of charge.
  • Premium: Everything included in Basic + suitability for commercial use, free legal updates, comprehensive clauses, etc. It comes in at $19.99. This is a single-payment purchase with no recurring fees.

Website Policies offers support through an email template available on their website. There is also a blog filled with interesting articles on related topics.

At a Glance

  • Docx and PDF formats available
  • Multilingual
  • Remarketing clauses
  • Wide range of clauses to choose from
  • Downloadable policies
  • Free version
  • Paid version price can add-up to a lot
  • Limited features on free version


Another fully customizable privacy policy tool on our list. While it’s on the expensive side, we believe that price is fully justified. Let’s see why that is.

Privacy policies is a great tool for anyone looking to create all kinds of different policies for their websites or apps. It rocks a global legal coverage feature, so you don’t have to worry about those pesky governments changing laws all the time.

The interface of this site for generating privacy policies is very similar to that of TermsFeed, meaning it’s sleek and simple. Even the setup has a similar 4-step procedure.

While it does not offer much with its free plan, the paid package has some amazing features, such as:

  • Clause tools for Ads, payment processors, different privacy laws
  • Downloadable privacy policies
  • Remarketing clauses
  • Policies in 5 languages

Privacy policies offer 2 plans:

  • Free: includes free basic privacy policy and clauses for ads and analytics
  • Premium: Includes all the other features mentioned before. The price of this plan is $14 + $7-$14 for each clause (one-time purchase only).

The support team is available through email, but the website also has a blog page with a lot of helpful articles.

At a Glance

  • Endorsement disclaimer
  • Easy to use
  • Cookie notice banner
  • Great for WordPress
  • Affordable
  • Free Terms and Conditions
  • Limited free plan
  • WordPress exclusive


This little fella could be described as the best privacy policy generator for any blogger and those with WordPress-based websites.

With this policy generator coming in the form of a WordPress plugin, it is obvious that it’s an ideal solution for bloggers, online content writers, e-commerce business owners, etc.

Since it has been plugged into more than 100,000 WordPress pages, it has to be doing something right. Ease of use is one of those things. Generating the initial policy is a straightforward process, and the sleek interface only improves the overall impression.

Just because it is a small WordPress plugin, it doesn’t mean it can’t do a lot. This software offers:

  • Generating basic privacy policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Link to Legal Pages plugin
  • Cookies policy

WP AutoTerms offers 2 plans:

  • Free: includes basic policy, T&C, Legal Pages link, a cookie notice banner. It comes absolutely free of charge.
  • Premium License: It ups the Free plan with GDPR compliant wording, CCPA compliant wording, compliance with other data security laws, endorsement disclaimer (revealing any affiliate companies), etc. It comes in at $39 per website, for up to 2 websites. The more websites you add, the more affordable it gets.

WP AutoTerms offers support through a message box available only if you download the plugin, or through email.

At a Glance

  • Immediate access to policy details
  • Free personalized policy
  • Easy to create policy
  • GDPR compliant
  • No need to register with email
  • Watermarking free policies
  • Pricy plans if you host through them


This policy generator stands out by offering you a completely free privacy policy template (with their watermark though), which is GDPR personalized.

3DCart is primarily an ecommerce privacy policy generator and website builder. The features and policies it offers differ depending on the size of your business/number of staff members you want using the software.

As a policy generator, 3DCart is incredibly easy to use. You just need to fill out your details on the homepage, and that’s it. You don’t even need to add your email address.
There is a catch, however. The policy generated this way will state that your ecommerce website is hosted by 3DCart. In case it isn’t, this is something you need to address first.

Policies generated through 3DCart include:

  • Easy access to policies
  • GDPR Personalized privacy policy generator
  • Immediate access to policy details

As a GDPR privacy policy generator, 3DCart is absolutely free. If you want to build your website through 3DCart, then you have a selection of plans:

  • Startup: 1 staff users, $19/month
  • Basic: 2 staff users, $29/month
  • Plus: 5 staff users, $79/month
  • Power: 10 staff users, $129/month
  • Pro: 15 staff users, $229/month

3DCart offers support to its clients who built their websites through them. The support service ranges from webinars, e-books and emails, all the way to live support.

At a Glance

  • Quarterly or daily scans
  • Privacy policy disclosed by clicking on seal
  • Includes a seal of trust
  • Great for security
  • Trusted worldwide
  • Increases customer trust and safety
  • Plans can be pricey
  • No free option


Trust Guard is all about security. Whether it’s web scanning, privacy or PCI compliance, Trust Guard has got you covered.

Trust Guard is the best privacy policy generator for those concerned with internet safety and security. It is widely used and trusted, so if you decide to go with it, it provides your website with a seal so your customers/visitors will know that you are protected by Trust Guard.

Trust Guard boasts an amazingly accurate privacy policy generator wizard which has your policy ready in no time. Along with that, you get a “Privacy Verified” seal on your website, so that everyone knows you’re protected.
Just one click on the seal leads to all the privacy policy details, should your site visitors decide to take a look.

Apart from the standard features, Trust Guard also includes:

  • Privacy policy verification service
  • Intuitive Privacy Issue resolution (great for building trust with your clients)
  • Privacy Safe Seal

You can get the Privacy Safe seal on its own, or you can opt out for some of Trust Guard’s plans:

  • Quarterly Scans: includes quarterly scans for threats and viruses, Privacy Safe seal, Business Verified seal. Price: $29/month.
  • Daily Scans: includes the same features as Quarterly, but scans for threats every day. Price: $99/month.

You can contact the company via phone, email, as well as a form on their website. User reviews we went through suggest that their customer support service is quick and helpful.

At a Glance

  • Google services compliance
  • Social media plugin
  • Google analytics
  • Free basic policy
  • Easy to generate
  • One-time payment
  • Hidden costs
  • Time consuming template


Another great overall privacy policy generator, giving you access to a free basic privacy policy. If you need to add certain legal compliances though, it will come at an additional cost.

This is a simple privacy policy creator for websites and applications. While the basic website version is free, the application version comes at an additional cost of $9.

All you have to do to get started is fill out the basic information template, choose what compliance you need, and your policy is good to go. Some detailed info needs to be filled out manually, which can turn out to be time-consuming, but it is all worth it eventually.

While the basic policy, terms and conditions and cookies policy come absolutely free, some features will need to be paid for. These include:

  • Legal compliance verification tools (GDRP, CalOPPA, etc.)
  • Google service compliance (Google Ads, Google AdSense, etc.)
  • Google analytics
  • Social media

Free Privacy Policy can be a bit misleading when it comes to its name. While the basic policy is indeed free, add-ons such as compliance with federal laws or international laws come at a certain price. You choose each add-on while generating your policy, which is a good thing. Another good thing is that this is only a one-time payment.

Free Privacy Policy offers support only through email at the moment.

At a Glance

  • No need to register
  • Free T&C and Cookie policy included
  • Quick and easy
  • Completely free
  • Easy to set up
  • Not 100% legally comprehensive
  • Does not cover some compliances


Probably the quickest and easiest one on this list. PPG comes absolutely free of charge and offers you an opportunity to create your privacy policy within minutes.

For everyone looking for a quick solution, this is the king of online privacy policy generators.

As we already mentioned, this free privacy policy generator is as easy as “1-2-3”. You have to fill out the total of 9 fields, and your policy is ready. You may need to review it later, though, since it does not include some legal compliances you might need if you gather personal information.

While it does lack some features the others boast, it’s free Some of the features that it does have include:

  • T&C policy generator
  • Cookie policy

This privacy policy generator is completely free.

Privacy Policy Generator offers support through tips and advice on its website, and through email.

How To Write a Privacy Policy?

Before choosing the right generator for you, you need to know what a good privacy policy should look like. It needs to be based on the following principles:

  • Simplicity: You need to aim for comprehensive privacy policy content. Try to avoid all possible misunderstandings by writing clearly and in straightforward terms. 
  • Accuracy: Everything written in the policy needs to be true and up-to-date.
  • Transparency: No hidden fees, no sneaky fine prints. Everything needs to be stated clearly for both parties.

What Should A Privacy Policy Include?

Here we’re going to cover a few points that should be part and parcel of any good privacy policy.

  • What information you collect: You need to state clearly what information you need from site visitors, and for what purpose.
  • How you obtain this information: State your methods clearly, to make sure that you are not in violation of any data protection law or privacy legislation. 
  • How are you going to store and protect it: State your identity-theft and virus protection methods.
  • Third-party data sharing: You need to state clearly if you are going to share user information with any third-party services, websites or software. 
  • Data changing: Explain how users can modify the data they submitted.
  • Privacy policy notifications: Tell the users how you will inform them in the case of privacy policy amendment.

Do You Really Need a Privacy Policy?

Yes. If you have any kind of website, privacy policies are a great way to protect your site visitors and yourself from a myriad of things that can go wrong. Anything from identity to credit card info can be misused and needs to be covered by a privacy policy. So basically, you need a privacy policy if you run a:

  • Website 
  • SaaS apps
  • Apps in general

Privacy policies are necessary for any kind of data collection, from cookies, personal data, IP address, locations, etc. This is why creating a single policy to cover all of that is not easy, and why you need a policy generator.

Data Protection and Privacy Laws

In this section we’ll provide explanations on some laws we mentioned throughout the article:

  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation is an EU law on data protection and privacy.
  • CalOPPA: California Online Privacy Protection Act is a state law that requires commercial websites and online services to publicly disclose their privacy policies. 
  • COPPA: Children Online Privacy Protection Act is a law which imposes certain requirements on websites, concerning children under 13.
  • CCPA: California Consumer Privacy act is a law aimed at improving privacy and consumer rights of consumers in the state of California.

Best Privacy Policies at a Glance

  • TermsFeed: Best privacy policy generator overall
  • Iubenda: The most customizable
  • Website Policies: Best for those who don’t want to use templates
  • Privacy Policies: Best for legal updates worldwide
  • WP AutoTerms: Best for bloggers and WP users
  • 3D Cart: Best for ecommerce purposes
  • Trust Guard: Best for safety and protection
  • Free Privacy Policy: Simple privacy policy generator
  • Privacy Policy Generator: Best if you need a privacy policy in a hurry

Key Takeouts

Pretty much anyone running anything more than a private Facebook profile needs a privacy policy — at the end of the day, it can save you from ending up in court.

So, if you haven’t done so already, take some time and decide on the best privacy policy generator for your needs and then move to protect your website and yourself.