Best Online Divorce Service In 2020

Did you know that most of the grueling tasks associated with a divorce can now be completed from the comfort of your home? All you need is internet access.

In this article, we are going to showcase some of the best online divorce service providers and explain how they operate. Furthermore, we are going to explain:

  • ✔ How we decided which services to include on our list
  • ✔ The notable pros and cons of filing for divorce online
  • ✔ How to choose the right company


Best Online Divorce Providers

1. Rocket Lawyer

Quick and easy to use

Premium plan 7-day free trial

Credible and trusted by many

Best For Expert Advice

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Rocket Lawyer deserved its place on our list of best online divorce services because it offers a wide variety of legal services at a fraction of the price of an actual lawyer. If you need a quick and painless settlement, Rocket Lawyer will save you trouble and money.

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Ease of Use


2. LegalZoom


Many years of experience

Foolproof legal documents

Best Online Divorce Service Overall

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LegalZoom is the right fit for you if you are looking for a quick and easy settlement of your uncontested divorce process. It does require some effort on your part, but knowing that your documents are 100% foolproof makes that trip to the courthouse a lot easier.

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Ease of Use


3. LawDepot


7-day free trial

Access to a great number of documents

Best For Legal Marriage Separation

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Unfortunately, sometimes divorce is inevitable. And this is why we’ve listed some of the best online divorce sites for you to choose from. At other times, however, couples may want to take things slowly and just give themselves some room to think about their future. LawDepot provides the best solution for the latter and at amazing prices too.

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Ease of Use


4. 3StepDivorce

Fast and easy

Payable in installments

100% money-back guarantee

Best For Parents

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3StepDivorce is a great tool for anyone not fluent in the “lawyer lingo” and looking for a quick and easy solution for filing their paperwork. Their 3-step process is easy to go through, leaving nothing to chance. All your concerns will be covered, and in case your papers get denied at court, 3StepDivorce gives you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

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Ease of Use


5. My Divorce Papers

Affordable and fast

Assigned case manager

Expert review of documents

Best State-Specific Divorce Papers

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My Divorce Papers is a go-to for all the couples who agree that their relationship is not where it once was. If you are looking for affordable assistance with your amicable divorce, My Divorce Papers might be the best online divorce service for you.

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Ease of Use


6. It’s Over Easy

Intuitive website navigation

Getting your spouse’s signatures

Filing the papers at the courthouse

Highest Quality Of Service

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It’s Over Easy offers Hollywood-level divorce services. If you’re willing to pay for someone to take care of all the formalities for you, then It’s Over Easy is just what you’re looking for. You won’t even need to go to the courthouse.

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Ease of Use


7. Complete Case

Easy to use

Money-back guarantee

Mails hard copies to you

Best Customer Service

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With its easy 3-step process, Complete Case is the best online service for divorce if you are looking to get it over with quickly and cleanly. Their money-back guarantee and the possibility of mailing the papers to you are just added bonuses to an already nice deal.

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Ease of Use


8. Wevorce

Private judges

Founded by legal experts

One-on-one chat with consultants

Best Online Divorce Professionals

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If you are willing to spend extra on your divorce, Wevorce should be your number 1 choice. It provides you with absolutely everything, from preparing your papers and assigning you a legal expert counselor, all the way to a private judge to complete your divorce in as little as 30 days.

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How We Created The List - Our Methodology

When we were deciding which websites to include on this list of online divorce providers, there were several factors we considered.

These criteria are also very useful for you to take into consideration when deciding on what the best online divorce services for you might be. So in this section, we’ll highlight what we focused on:

✔ Available Services:

We looked at what each service provides to clients in terms of speed of finalizing the paperwork, paying courthouse fees, and whether they offer any other perks. 

✔ Guarantee Provided:

You know that a divorce service is reliable if they offer a money-back guarantee in case your papers get denied. This is something to always be on the lookout for.

✔ Online Reputation:

We combed through different online platforms dealing with similar topics and tried to find out how other users liked the websites we shortlisted. Always a good idea to listen to someone else’s experience.

✔ Ease Of Use:

Since this sphere combines two very confusing categories, tech and law, ease of use is extremely important. If you are not tech-savvy and if you aren’t familiar with the law, always go for platforms providing the easiest and most guided processes.

✔ Pricing:

This is another important category when looking for online divorce service assistance. We tried to include services of all price ranges, so you can choose for yourself depending on your budget. The rule of thumb here is, the more services provided, the higher the cost. Always be on the lookout for the best online divorce service deals.

At a Glance

  • Quick
  • Easy to use
  • Trusted by many
  • Costs may pile up in case of long processes
  • 30-minute consultations only answer 1 legal question

We start our online divorce service list with one of the most trusted online divorce sites – Rocket Lawyer. It earned its place by providing assistance with paperwork and legal counseling at the same time.

Service Overview: This website offers you assistance with a variety of different legal forms, including marriage and divorce settlements. It stands out by offering document reviews that come with actual lawyers’ digital signature of documents.

Ease of Use: If you are not going through a complicated process, and all you need is to file divorce forms, Rocket Lawyer is an incredibly user-friendly tool. It can come in handy with longer processes as well, but the costs may pile up.

Pricing: First of all, we should mention that Rocket Lawyer offers a premium subscription plan for $39.99/month. It includes free access to legal documents, attorney service, consultations, etc.

In case you need a one-time service, Rocket Lawyer provides this too. The prices are as follows:

  • Legal documents: $39.99 per document
  • Attorney reviews: $9.99 per document
  • Legal questions: $49.99 per question
  • 30-minute consultations: $59.99 per consultation

In case you cannot decide, the premium plan is available on a 7-day free trial. You can subscribe with no strings attached, and you can cancel any time.

Why we chose this company: Because it is the number one go-to place for online divorce preparation services, and many other legal issues you can solve quickly and hassle-free due to Rocket Lawyer’s effectiveness and professionalism.

At a Glance

  • Foolproof legal documents
  • State-compliant
  • Many years of experience
  • Not available in all states (e.g. Tennessee)
  • The cost doesn’t include courthouse fees
  • The client does the filing

Offering online counseling and legal services since 1999, LegalZoom is one of the veterans on our list, and one that has been frequently described as the best online divorce service overall. It may come at a higher price, but it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Service Overview: LegalZoom offers preparation of all your divorce papers according to your state’s legislation, and all you have to do is file them yourself. The only prerequisite is that the process is uncontested, and you can have yourself a quick, easy, and lawyer-free divorce.

Ease of Use: LegalZoom prides itself on its user-friendliness. All you need to do is fill out a questionnaire, and if you are eligible for their service, LegalZoom will compile the paperwork as per your state’s legal requirements.
After a legal professional staff member proofreads it, the paperwork will be emailed to you, along with the instructions for filing. The whole process takes no more than 2 business days.

Pricing: LegalZoom is one of the priciest on our list of top online divorce companies. They charge a one-time fee of $499 for preparing and reviewing all your documents. This does not include the court fees, and you have to file all the documents yourself.

Why we chose this company: While it does not provide some very handy perks like courier delivery or courthouse fees, LegalZoom gives you 100% professional documents, prepared to cater to your personal needs, and all within 2 working days.

At a Glance

  • Access to a great number of documents
  • Affordable
  • Free trial
  • Limited options in Family Law
  • No divorce option

LawDepot offers a wide range of legal documents and assistance, ranging from financial, real estate, and all the way to employment and family law.

Service Overview: When it comes to settling divorces, LawDepot does not offer preparation of divorce documents, but it is one of the best marriage separation online tools available at the moment. Apart from that, LawDepot also offers hundreds of other Family Law related documents, such as child visitation/access consent, child medical consent, etc.

Ease of Use: The website is very easy to navigate and pretty straightforward. It’s great for people who are not very tech-savvy.

Pricing: First of all, we should mention that LawDepot offers a 7-day free trial. Other than that, you can opt for a monthly subscription or pay on a per-document basis.
The subscription costs $7.99 per month, but needs to be taken on a yearly basis, and paid in full at $95.98. It gives you unlimited access to all the documents.
The cost of legal separation documents alone is $35 and they are valid for 5 years.

Why we chose this company: Because it offers a solution for couples who do not want to rush into a divorce, but rather take some time apart to think about their options for the future.

At a Glance

  • Fast and easy
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Payable in installments
  • Courthouse fees not included
  • You need to file the papers yourself

Founded in 1997, 3StepDivorce is one of the top-rated online divorce services out there. They use their vast experience to help filing for divorce go as smoothly as possible.

Service Overview: Just as the name suggests, this website helps you fill out all your divorce forms and documents in 3 easy steps.
First, you need to fill out several questionnaires, to check if you are eligible for the service. Second, your documents are generated and sent to you via email. Finally, all you need to do is file the forms yourself at your local courthouse.

Ease of Use: Not only is 3StepDivorce one of the most trusted online divorce services, it is also one of the easiest to use as well. All the questions you need to answer are written in plain, everyday language, which is later “translated” into legal jargon when your forms are compiled.
This is a huge advantage for most people since you don’t need to keep a legal thesaurus next to you when filling out your papers.

Pricing: All your papers are filled out and delivered to you for a strict flat fee of $299, which is payable in installments. If you decide to pay in installments, this will not delay the delivery of your papers.
Here we need to compliment 3StepDivorce for their money-back guarantee. If your documents do not get court acceptance, 3StepDivorce pays your money back in full.

Why we chose this company: This website made it on our list of best online divorce solution providers due to its intuitiveness and ease of use. It’s a perfect tool for couples looking to file for their uncontested divorce online.

At a Glance

  • Expert review of documents
  • Assigned case manager
  • Affordable and fast
  • Can’t help with more complicated cases
  • Doesn’t cover courthouse fees

Founded in 2002, this reputable service offers to prepare all of your divorce papers at a very competitive price. Find out why My Divorce Papers is one of the top online divorce service providers at the moment.

Service Overview: My Divorce Papers prepares and delivers all your divorce papers to you in a single pack, but it also goes a step further. All your papers are reviewed by a legal professional, and on top of that, each customer is assigned a case manager offering expert opinions and online counseling regarding your particular case. My Divorce Papers is also an expert in handling cases of spouses living in different states.

Ease of Use: My Divorce Papers’ website offers a comprehensive insight into each state’s divorce legislation, and their user-friendly website and easy, guided process make it perhaps the most intuitive online divorce platform.

Pricing: All My Divorce Papers services are available at a flat fee of $139. This includes preparation and proofreading of your documents, legal counseling, a case manager, and many other services. However, this does not include courthouse fees, which may vary from state to state.

Why we chose this company: My Divorce Papers is a great divorce service for anyone looking for a quick resolution of their uncontested divorce case. Added benefits of expert reviews and a money-back guarantee are just the cherry on top of the cake.

At a Glance

  • Filing the papers at the courthouse
  • Getting your spouse’s signatures
  • Comprehensive service
  • More expensive than most other services
  • Document preparation takes up to 2 business days

Here we have a company founded by none other than Laura Wasser, a go-to celebrity divorce attorney. This means that this may not be the cheapest divorce service out there, but it also means that they know how to get the job done.

Service Overview: It’s Over Easy specializes in offering Hollywood-level service to regular mortals, like us. Depending on the plan you choose, they can handle everything from preparing your documents, all the way to serving your spouse papers for signature and filing at the courthouse in your stead. You have to admit, this is one of the best online divorce service options out there.

Ease of Use: It’s Over Easy’s website has a comprehensive and easy to use interface. All of your documents will be reviewed and just to make you extra comfortable, they pride themselves on their 95% court acceptance rate.

Pricing: It’s Over Easy offers 2 pricing plans:

  • Pro: Comes at a flat fee of $950, and includes compiling your paperwork, delivering it in a downloadable form, and serving your spouse with papers for signing.
  • Premium: Comes at a flat fee of $2,500. This may sound a bit pricey at first, but it includes absolutely everything from compiling your papers and getting your spouse’s signatures to filing them at the courthouse and paying courthouse fees. It is probably one of the best online solutions we’ve seen so far.

Why we chose this company: Quite simply because it offers the most comprehensive online divorce service for anyone who can afford it. You just need to fill out the basic information, sit back, and they will take care of the rest.

At a Glance

  • Mails hard copies to you
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • You pay the courthouse fees
  • You need to file personally
  • Added monthly costs

Complete Case is a widely trusted online divorce service with vast experience in preparing your divorce papers for you. It got some of the best online divorce reviews, especially when it comes to customer service which is available in both English and Spanish.

Service Overview: Complete Case offers to prepare your divorce documents for you through an easy 3-step process. All you need to do is answer some non-legal questions regarding your situation, and your papers are ready to be filed. Complete Case even offers to mail your papers to you for an added fee.

Ease of Use: It’s almost ridiculously easy to use. As mentioned previously, Complete Case prepares all your papers through 3 simple steps, using intuitive online divorce technology that takes into account state laws and legal requirements. According to their website, it takes an average of 27 minutes to finish the whole process.

Pricing: Complete Case comes at a flat fee of $299, but if you do not complete your divorce process within a month, an additional $24.99 will be deducted each month.
Also, should you decide to have your papers mailed to you, it will cost another $20. However, Complete Case offers a 100% money-back guarantee if your papers get denied at the courthouse.

Why we chose this company: We chose Complete Case because it offers an easy, guided process at an affordable price. Also, having access to printed materials is a huge bonus, in spite of the added cost.

At a Glance

  • Private judges
  • One-on-one chat with consultants
  • Founded by legal experts
  • By far the most expensive
  • Reviews mention issues with customer service

Probably the best online divorce tool on this list, and the most expensive at that. That is because Wevorce offers more than any other platform.

Service Overview: Wevorce is a platform that unites different legal professionals, from lawyers to private judges, who will work on getting your divorce. Yes, that’s right, Wevorce has its own judges to deliver your divorce to you, and the whole process can be done in as little as 30 days.

Ease of Use: Wevorce makes the process pretty simple and straightforward. Both spouses need to create accounts, answer some questions, and meet with consultants and their assigned private judge. After paying the fees, the divorce itself remains a mere formality.

Pricing: As one of the best online divorce services in the USA, it does not come cheap. Wevorce will set you back around $3,500 if you do not have children. However, if you have children the costs can go up to $6,000. The good news is that these include all courthouse fees and services.

Why we chose this company: Because it offers absolutely everything done for you. All you need is goodwill and mutual consent.

2020's Best Online Divorce Services

  • Rocket Lawyer – Best for expert advice
  • Legal Zoom – Best online divorce service overall
  • LawDepot – Best for legal marriage separation
  • 3StepDivorce – Best for parents
  • My Divorce Papers – Best state-specific divorce papers
  • It’s Over Easy – Highest quality of service
  • Complete Case – Best customer service
  • Wevorce – Best online divorce professionals
How Do Online Divorces Work?

In case you haven’t heard of online divorce services, you might be wondering how are they even possible? Well, we’ll explain it here in a few sentences. The first thing you need to know is that most online divorce services work only in uncontested divorce cases.

Most online divorce services require you to provide basic information about you and your spouse. These are then “translated” into legal language, and your divorce papers are compiled. Depending on the website, your papers might be proofread by legal experts (we strongly recommend this), before being sent to you by email or regular mail.

All you have to do now is collect your spouse’s signature and file for divorce at the courthouse.

Note that some providers can also do this for you, but in most cases, you would have to file the papers yourself and pay for the courthouse fees.

How to Choose an Online Divorce Company?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on what the best online divorce solution for you will be.

  • Years in Business – Experience is very important in any trade. Reviews have shown that online divorce services with the most experience have some of the most satisfied clients.
  • Ease Of Use – Always an important step to consider. Take a look at just how simple it is to get your divorce done, and how much legal knowledge you need.
  • Customer Service – It’s always nice to have someone to talk to in case you get stuck. Some of these websites offer complete guidance, every step of the way.
  • User Reviews – We would always recommend reading the best online divorce service reviews available online before one with the same issues as yours and see how their case was handled.
  • Cost – First of all, there is no such thing as free online divorce services. That being said, some of these websites can help you save a significant amount of money, compared to lawyers’ fees. It all depends on what your budget is.
Online Divorce vs. Lawyer

This must have been the first question in your mind: how is an online divorce better than a lawyer? We’ll explain that in a few sentences in this section.

First of all, both approaches have their advantages. Online divorces are first and foremost incomparably cheaper. So they would be a perfect solution in case you and your spouse are looking for an amicable, uncontested divorce.

That said, if the issue happens to be more complicated, and especially if there are children involved (child custody issues), you would have to seek help from a legal professional. Hiring a lawyer is way more expensive but it comes with the perks of human contact and counsel, which can be of great importance in as delicate a situation as divorce. It also means that you have someone to answer all of your questions in person.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Divorce

In this section, we will briefly list the pros and cons of opting for an online divorce.


  • You have more control. With online divorces, you are behind the wheel more often, which gives you more ease and a sense of security.
  • It’s much cheaper. Online divorce will help you save incredibly because it is on average several times less costly than hiring a lawyer.
  • It’s faster. Generally, online divorces are resolved much faster than traditional cases.


  • It doesn’t always work. Online divorce websites work flawlessly only in cases of amicable divorces. In any other case, you need to get a lawyer involved.
  • It is a fertile ground for scams. As with everything on the internet, online divorces are a target for many scammers trying to take advantage of people at their most vulnerable.
  • Laws can be complex. Online divorce services can sometimes oversimplify things, and this can lead to unnecessary legal conundrums. Always make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled before filing the papers at the courthouse.

Key Takeouts and FAQs

A divorce is always an ordeal. They involve a lot of emotions, stress, and are often costly. Online divorce services are there to help you alleviate at least a bit of that discomfort, especially in cases of amicable separations and uncontested divorces.

While it doesn’t compare to hiring a real lawyer for more complicated issues, online divorce services are a great solution for simpler cases. If you want to get your divorce as cheaply and as quickly as possible, we would definitely recommend going for an online divorce.

We hope that this article helped shed some light on the topic for you and now you are ready to choose the best online divorce solution for your specific needs.


Is online divorce legit?

Yes, absolutely. However, you should always make sure that the online divorce platform you choose has all the required licenses as per Federal and State laws. This information is usually clearly stated on the website.

What is the best website for online divorce?

The answer to this question depends on your specific situation and needs. However, most people consider LegalZoom to be the best one, due to the quality and range of services they provide.

What is the quickest divorce?

When it comes to fast online divorce services, we have to say that no one does it better than Wevorce. Their wide variety of legal experts available, including private judges, makes the whole process so much smoother and faster. On a side note, it will charge more than any other of the best online divorce service providers.

What other legal services are available online?

You can get legal services online for virtually everything – from business to personal matters: establish your company, write your will, sign a lease, file for protection over your trademark and so much more. Know the market and explore the company’s reputation before choosing a service.