Best 10+ Membership Management Software In 2020

Looking for the best membership management software for your gym, small business, or church?

We’ve ranked the top-rated companies here based on:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Features & Integrations
  3. Customer Support, and,
  4. Value For Money

We also included our step-by-step evaluation methodology and buying guide below our comparison table.

Dive in to find the best!


Best Membership Management Software Compared

1. Raklet

Assortment of membership apps available

Free plan and Discounts available

Brilliant online resource center

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The California based company is one of the few companies that offer free membership management software. It has a fantastic online resource center and a number of offerings suited towards certain types of organizations such as gyms, churches and event planners. In its paid services tier, the prices are competitive.

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Ease of use




2. Wild Apricot

Easy to use

Strong database

Helpful customer support

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Wild Apricot is hands down the easiest membership CRM software to use out there. It is amazingly easy to set up events, add members and create groups. This adds up to a quick start with the software and a smooth learning experience.

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Easy of use




3. MemberSpace

Great online resources center

Discounts available

Free 14-day trial

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The Boston based company is fairly new to the membership management software game but it is fast earning itself a solid reputation. MemberSpace has a plan for every business or club and its payment options are flexible. Its resource center, 14-day free trial and incredible customer support help this company standout from its competitors.

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Ease of use




4. ClubExpress


Good customer support

eCommerce Storefront

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ClubExpress might have a learning curve, but you should not let that discourage you. The amazing features, the great customer support, and the ecommerce storefront make it a great value for its price.

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Ease of use




5. Zen Planner

Easy to use

Great customer support

Best suited for gyms, sports studios, and schools

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Zen Planner is one of the most intuitive membership management software out there. You don’t need to worry about watching tutorials. All you have to do is take some time to see how things work. And if you encounter any difficulties, you can always contact the customer support.

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Ease of use




6. Member Planet

Easy to use

Very affordable, free for small groups

Great customer support

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Who said there’s no free lunch? With memberplanet’s great features and free option, you can have your cake and eat it too! You’re unlikely to encounter any problems while you’re getting used to it. But if you do – fear not! The customer support team will gladly help you.

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Ease of use




7. Breeze

Easy to use

Helpful support team

Constant updates and new features

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The best membership management software for churches out there. It has an interactive interface and allows you to easily manage all the data needed. It’s all very intuitive. Throw in the mix the helpful support team and the frequent updates, and you have a well-rounded product.

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Ease of use




8. MemberClicks


Frequent updates

Good customer support

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Ease to use, with abundant features, and decent customer support, MemberClick more than justifies its realtively high price tag.

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Ease of use




9. MemberLeap

Wide variety of features

Features designed specifically for you

24/7 email-based online support

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Offering flexibility at every turn from its five pricing plans to its long list of features, MemberLeap is currently used by more than 1.3 million members. The acclaimed software has won numerous awards and the company proudly boasts an A+ BBB rating. It’s an all-in-one solution for events, education, E-Commerce and more.

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Ease of use




10. StarChapter

Easy to use

Helpful support team

Easy migration process

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StarChapter is one of the easiest software to use. It’s very intuitive, very user-friendly. It has some unique features and the helpful suppor team is always ready to assist you with migrating over to the platform.

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Ease of use




11. MindBody

Easy to use

Clean and simple layout

Great mobile app

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As MindBody has a very clean and simple layout, it’s extremely easy to navigate for both members and admins. It’s incredibly intuitive. There are also articles on the website available for you, should you encounter any difficulties. You can call the customer support center for help too.

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Ease of use




12. Member365

Reasonable price

Variety of features

Chat option

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Member356 does have a learning curve. This, however, is no reason at all to give up on the software. They have a YouTube Channel with еxtremely detailed and incredibly useful tutorials. There’s also a very good Knowledge Base provided on the website. You can contact the customer support too, to walk you through any difficulties you might have.

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Ease of use




Best Membership Management Software At A Glance

  • Personify – Best For Usability
  • ClubExpress – Best For Social Media Integrations
  • ZenPlanner – Best For Gyms, Sports Studios, Schools
  • MemberPlanet – Best For Customization
  • Breeze – Best For Church Membership Management
  • MemberClicks – Best For Integrations
  • StarChapter – Best For Non-Profit Organizations
  • MemberLeap – Best For Feature Variety
  • MindBody – Best For Health & Wellness Companies
  • Member365 – Best For Chat Functionality
  • MemberSpace – Best For Businesses Handling Multiple Transactions
  • Raklet – Best For Companies Focused On Communication & Transactions
How We Created This List

Here’s how we created this growing list of the best membership management software:


  1. Checked numerous user’s opinions.
  2. Referred to professional guides and in-depth reviews.
  3. Signed-up and tested.
  4. Compared cost and business value of the software.
  5. The ease of use was also one of the leading factors.
  6. Evaluated the efficiency of management options.
  7. Looked into the customization options and widgets.
  8. Checked customer support.


What Will You Find On Our Membership Management Software Reviews?


  • a summary of pros and cons
  • an elaborate list of features
  • other noteworthy elements

Now it’s time to introduce you to the membership software that will change your life for good.

At a Glance

  • Assortment of membership apps available
  • Free plan and Discounts available
  • Brilliant online resource center
  • Limited customization
  • Learning curve

Raklet has come a long way from its humble beginnings back in 2014.

Suitable for a wide assortment of people, Raklet offers both free and paid membership management solutions.

More than 7000 members make use of the Raklet platform. Should you join them?



Raklet offers its members various management tools including:


  • online membership application acceptance
  • member timelines
  • automated membership renewals
  • filtering and categorization
  • data import and workflow optimization tools

On top of all this, the company also provides you with access to a handful of helpful engagement tools including sms and email announcements.


Pricing and Plans

Raklet is a free membership management software that also offers its users access to more comprehensive paid plans.

One admin can enjoy 50 contacts, a custom field and 0.25 GB storage. Even though there are no monthly fees, there is 4% and $0.90 transaction fees.


✓ The Essentials Plan costs $59 per month

✓ The Professional plan costs $119 per month

✓ The Premium plan’s range from $249 per month to $999 per month


Reasons to Buy

Raklet is best for companies or organizations that are primarily focused on communication and transactions.

At a Glance

  • Easy to use
  • Strong database
  • Helpful customer support
  • Expensive for small organizations
  • The blogging platform is outdated
Ease Of Use


Wild Apricot is hands down the easiest membership CRM software to use out there.

It is extremely intuitive. It is amazingly easy to set up events, add members and create groups.

This adds up to a quick start with the software and a smooth learning experience.




It fully automates the application process, allowing you to focus on the profitable aspects of your business.

You can even access it on the go! Isn’t that thrilling?

You can manage your memberships from anywhere, anytime you have a minute to spare. The same goes for the members of your organization – they can access the app and handle their payments on the spot.



Another great thing about Wild Apricot is that it is highly customizable.

Make the application process fit your organization’s needs!

Choose from various membership themes!

There are 12 themes at your disposal – Casefile, Kaleidoscope, Building Blocks, Tinted tiles, Showcase, Firma, Terra, Homestead, Fiesta, Skyline, Whiteboard, and Bookshelf. The names give you some idea of the aesthetics of each one.



Wild Apricot allows you to automate renewal reminders and invoices.

You can set different renewal policies, prices and access rules for different membership levels.

You can also set up recurring payments for membership fees, making the whole process fast and painless for your clients – and more profitable for you. (Now that it’s zero effort on their part to spend money with you.)

As we all know, customer loyalty is vital – and with Wild Apricot you’re guaranteed to be your client’s fav.



The strong database is another one of Wild Apricot’s assets.

Because the information is stored in a cloud, all members can access the database.

This eliminates the need of thousands of emails and sharing information back and forth.

All updates are reflected immediately, so your database is always up-to-date. Another thing you don’t need to worry about!


Personalized profiles

Wild Apricot offers quite a lot of options to personalize members’ experiences.

They will be able to securely edit their contact information, renew memberships, pay fees and register for events.

With the mobile app, they can do it at any time, at the touch of a button.

When you make it easy for them to give you money, that pays off ridiculously in terms of conversion rates.




Wild Apricot integrates seamlessly with WordPress. So, if your site is WordPress-based, Wild Apricot is definitely an appropriate choice!

Be warned though – Wild Apricot’s own blogging platform hasn’t been updated in quite a while.

For payments, you can integrate your PayPal account.


Customer Support


Their customer support is among the top ones!

There are a lot of resources on the site, with detailed and understandable information about all aspects of the membership software. In case they don’t provide the answer you need, you can call or email Wild Apricot’s support team.

With all that being said, the price of Wild Apricot is the elephant in the room.

While it might come off as expensive for small organizations, its features are truly worth it.




Wild Apricot is free if you have up to 50 contacts. Yes, you heard that right.

Then, their lowest paid pricing plan starts at $40 per month.


Reasons to Buy

There’s a reason why everyone is claiming Wild Apricot is the best membership management software out there. With its great variety of features and amazing prices, it’s the top solution for your business. I urge you to get the 30-day free trial and see for yourself!

At a Glance

  • Great online resources center
  • Discounts available
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Steep transaction fees for smaller businesses
  • Limited customer reviews available

Since 2015, MemberSpace has built a database of more than 6,000 members. The company aims to make membership systems available, accessible and affordable for all regardless of how technical they are. The company is fast becoming known for:

  • its customer-centric culture
  • focus on education
  • ever-growing list of integrations

The following features are included in all four MemberSpace plans:

unlimited members, payment flexibility, file and content securing, auto revenue recovery, tiered plan access, coupon codes, member directory, free platform migration, member accounts and emails, content scheduling, member approval, custom styling, analytics, tax collections, export, multiple currencies, custom wording, embedding, API access, access expiration, invoices and payouts.



MemberSpace offers its users many useful integrations including:


  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • Muut
  • Rewardful
  • FirstPromoter
  • Shopify
  • Jimdo, and more.

It’s also incredibly simple to set up and use – its 3-click install means anyone can make use of this membership management software no matter their level of tech-savviness.


Pricing and Plans 

You have four different pricing plans to pick from.


✓ Just Starting ($25 per month with 4% transaction fee)

✓ Growing Business ($50 per month with 2% transaction)

✓ Thriving Business ($100 per month with 1% transaction fee)

✓ Unlimited Business ($200 per month with 0.5% transaction fee).

No matter which plan you pick you’re entitled to a 14-day free trial.


Reasons to Buy

MemberSpace is the best membership software for bigger businesses and organizations that will be making plenty of transactions.

At a Glance

  • Affordable
  • Good customer support
  • eCommerce Storefront
  • Designed primarily for clubs and associations
  • Learning curve
  • Might be hard to navigate
Ease Of Use


Straight talk here – there’s a learning curve to ClubExpress – and it pays off big time to traverse it.

You also have customer support to help you through any challenging parts.

ClubExpress also has a YouTube channel, with countless videos to help you navigate it.

Keep reading and you’ll see for yourself that ClubExpress is one of the best member management software out there!




First and foremost – ClubExpress is affordable.

It is designed mainly for clubs and associations making it the best deal cost-value wise on the market.

When it comes to member features, there aren’t many membership management software that are better than ClubExpress.



ClubExpress has one of the best member databases.

It’s secured and well backed up, which allows you to safely move all your information online.

Your online database will be accessed only by authorized administrators.


Member levels

ClubExpress lets you set varying membership levels.

Every member type can have different fees, availability, durations, etc.

New users can register online via Member Signup Wizard. They can choose their username and password.

ClubExpress lets them update their personal information and bio and add a profile photo if they wish.

They can manage their preferences for forums, groups, view their transactions and payment history.


Renewals and tracking

With ClubExpress it’s up to you how you handle renewals and expirations. You can do it automatically.

Renewal reminders are sent via email based on a schedule you make.

You can also track committees and volunteers. You can track non-members too!

If you need to keep in touch with prospective members, event registrants, safety officials, press, etc, ClubExpress’ got you covered.


Mobile App

ClubExpress has a mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.

Using it involves a one-time setup fee of $100. T

his lets you customize the app in a way that’s appropriate for your club or association.

With the app set up, you can access all the information you need on the go!




We should also pay special attention to ecommerce storefront.

With ClubExpress, you can sell club merchandise.

You can track inventory, order online, manage payment, shipments, backordering, etc.

Payments are available online and offline. That means that you don’t have to create a stand-alone e-store! What a relief!




And speaking of payments, ClubExpress integrates with PayPal and QuickBooks!

Your transactions, payments, credits, fees and membership database can be imported directly into QuickBooks. Isn’t that great?

ClubExpress is hands down the best membership management solution when it comes to social media integrations.

It works brilliantly with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Members can also link to their personal social media pages.


Customer Support


ClubExpress offers you what no one else does – its support for every individual member.

Yes, you read that right. You get unlimited support for all admins and members.

You can reach them at basically any time via the phone number left on the site.

There’s also a form you can fill in on the website, in case your problem is not as urgent.

Most cases are addressed within 24 hours.




The monthly hosting fee is $24.

For more information about your exact business and the prices for it, contact ClubExpress.


Reasons to Buy

ClubExpress might have a learning curve, but you should not let that discourage you. The amazing features it comes with are totally worth it. I encourage you to sign up for a free demo or try ClubExpress’ free trial. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

At a Glance

  • Easy to use
  • The best customer support
  • Best suited for gyms, sports studios, and schools
  • Limited customization options
  • Lack of integrations
  • Slow to implement new features
Еase Of Use


Zen Planner is one of the most intuitive membership management software out there.

You don’t need to worry about watching tutorials. All you have to do is take some time to see how things work.

And if you encounter any difficulties – which isn’t likely at all – you can always contact the customer support.




Zen Planner is made for gyms and sports studios.

It is tailor-made to allow you to manage gyms, mixed martial arts studios, traditional martial arts studios, yoga studios, and surprisingly – even schools.

When it comes to membership management, Zen Planner is one of the best.

Members can download the app and enjoy all the features it has.


Class and workout tracking

The app allows them to reserve classes, check-in for them, and track their workouts.

They can also buy retail straight from their mobile phone!

That’s right, you don’t need to integrate ecommerce to sell your products. Whew!


Event management

Zen Planner can help you manage entire event processes.

It takes care of the tricky aspects like registration, payment, and communication for you.


Billing Software

Zen Planner also has a stellar gym billing software.

With it, you can track your expenses, calculate taxes and make financial transactions a breeze with auto-payment integration.

You can also directly deposit member payments to your bank account.

Data protection is guaranteed – you don’t have to worry about your members’ information being compromised.

Members can track bills and make secure payments online via the self-service portal and Member App.



Zen Planner offers its users fully integrated websites that can be accessed from any type of device.

It manages your Google My Business listing and other directories so that they can drive traffic to your site.

For that same purpose, they also manage Facebook and Google Ads campaigns that are specially targeted to your audience and location. Talk about benefits!

However, we should also mention that users have complained about the lack of customization options.

Another downside is that they are slow to implement new features.

Though they are open to ideas and listen to their customers.




Zen Planner works with Facebook and Google ads.

However, users have complained that Zen Planner doesn’t integrate well with other familiar software.


Customer Support


Zen Planner’s customer support is truly the best one out there!

Numerous customer reviews have mentioned again and again (and again!) how wonderful the support staff is.

There’s an email form on the website to fill in, should you encounter a problem. A member of the customer support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Before doing that, I advise you to check Zen Planner’s Knowledge Base and FAQ’s.

There are numerous detailed articles that can help you solve nearly any problem that might come up.




ZenPlanner prices are based on the active members you have.

The software itself is $99. Couple that with a website, and the price will vary.


Reasons to Buy

ZenPlanner is tailored especially to your needs as a gym or school head. With its brilliant customer support at your side, there’s no mountain too high. If you’re a gym owner or a school head, don’t hesitate and schedule a demo with Zen Planner!

At a Glance

  • Very easy to use
  • Great customer support
  • Very affordable, Free for small groups
  • Configuring the software might be a challenge
  • Interface looks a bit outdated
  • Can’t manage members in bulk
Ease Of Use


Memberplanet is one of the easiest to use membership management software that I tested.

You’re unlikely to encounter any problems while you’re getting used to it. But if you do – fear not!

The customer support team will gladly help you.




The best thing about Memberplanet is that it’s good for so many different types of organizations.

You can use this solution for:


  • non-profit organizations
  • schools
  • educational foundations
  • faith-based organizations
  • military organizations
  • booster clubs
  • PTAs
  • political campaigns
  • homeowners associations
  • fraternal organizations
  • and many more!

Talk about a multi-purpose tool!



Memberplanet offers various membership management solutions to simplify membership and day-to-day operations.

You can customize the platform so that it completely fits yours and your members’ needs!



Memberplanet is mobile-friendly.

Both you and your members can access the needed information at any time, from any type of device.

Members can also pay via a mobile device, making the whole payment process significantly easier.

You will also be able to convert offline to online payments and collect all the information even offline.


Automated payments

Members have the option to choose to set recurring payments and pay early.

They can choose if they want to auto-renew their subscription.



Memberplanet offers top-notch reports.

You can see all member actions on the platform.

You will know all the payment information, who’s changed membership levels, who’s checked in for your events, and more.

All of that in one place! Marvelous!


Member levels

With memberplanet, you can set different membership levels.

Choose between free, one-time, lifetime, discounted and organizational memberships.


Data management

Members are in complete control of their privacy settings.

They can control and manage all their data, view all money transactions, update payment methods, and renew their membership in advance.

However, some users have noted that you can’t manage members in bulk. We hope that this is just temporary, though!


Professional cards

The professional cards make Memberplanet stand out.

They can be printed or accessed on mobile. You can easily customize them to make them fit your brand.

Although Memberplanet’s interface hardly gets updated, given how incredibly affordable it is, that is not that big of an issue.




Connect your account with Google Analytics and PayPal, or use an API for your custom integrations.


Customer Support


Memberplanet has one of the best customer support teams.

There are two ways to reach them. You can fill out the email request form on the website.

You can also call them via the phone on the website.

I do recommend checking out their Support Center before you make the call, though.

They have numerous useful articles on almost any issue with the platform that might come to mind.




I already mentioned memberplanet is affordable. And affordable it is! It even has a free option!

So if you were looking for free membership management software, you’ve found the best solution.

The price of the paid versions is attractive too, with the highest being only $175 a month.


Reasons to Buy

Who said there’s no free lunch? With memberplanet’s great features and free option, you can have your cake and eat it too! Go on and try memberplanet for free!

At a Glance

  • Easy to use
  • Helpful support team
  • Constant updates and new features
  • Occasional issues with adjusting dates
  • Database not functional enough
  • Doesn’t have bookkeeping
Ease Of Use


Using Breeze is, to put it simply, a breeze.

It’s hands down the best membership management software for churches out there.

It has an interactive interface and allows you to easily manage all the data needed. It’s all very intuitive.

Even if you’ve never used such software before, you’ll learn to navigate it quickly.




Unlimited number of users.

Breeze allows you to add an unlimited number of people.

You can have as many users as you want, without any price changes.

It also lets you set different levels of membership – guests, members, volunteers, and staff.



With Breeze you can assign follow-ups to staff and volunteers.

That way, you can be sure that the right people get contacted at the right time.

Volunteers can be assigned to events and receive automatic reminders and RSVP notifications.

No more chaos and lack of organization!


Profile customization

The sign-up process with Breeze is incredibly easy.

Members are in full control of their profile information.

They can choose exactly how much information to share.

They can add a profile photo, marital status, birthday, etc.


Data security

You can rest assured that your data is secured with Breeze.

No one else can access the information unless you let them.

With the feature Access Restrictions, you can give different accounts different permissions.

That way you can hide people’s ages, giving records, etc.


Targeted information

Breeze also allows you to send targeted information to groups.

Whether it’s by email or via text message, you can reach the different membership groups by just a click.


Name tags

A fun feature that I didn’t encounter on any other membership management platform I tested, is the Name Tags.

You can have customizable name tags, which can be printed automatically.

That eliminates all the worry and confusion that usually come with checking people into events.



The software generates detailed accounting and contribution reports.

It also gives year-end or quarterly giving statements that can be sent by mail or email.

As a whole, Breeze is truly the best church membership software out there.

All the issues and complaints from users I’ve encountered have been minor.

Some reviewers claim that they have trouble adjusting the dates on the reports.

Others have said that the database is not functional enough and could be improved.

However, as valid as those complaints are, Breeze is constantly updating.

So you can expect those issues to be solved sooner rather than later.




Breeze integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Aplos and FreshBooks.

It also works with Planning Center Online,, MailChimp, and KidCheck.

For payments, you can use PayPal or Stripe. That’s one of the richest lists on integrations I encountered during my testing.


Customer Support


The customer support is incredibly nice and helpful.

Any difficulties you encounter – they are there to walk you through them.

You can contact them via phone or email, both of which can be found on the website.

They answer as fast as possible, given your individual case. There are also numerous useful articles at the Help Center.

Make sure to look there for answers first, as they are most likely already provided!




You can get Breeze for $50 a month.

Just a reminder – the price stays the same, no matter how many users you add.


Reasons to Buy

Breeze is hands-down the best church software available. Given its many features and the great price, it is an absolute steal. Don’t believe me? Sign up for a free demo and see for yourself!

At a Glance

  • Feature-rich
  • Regular updates
  • Good customer support
  • Pricey
  • Learning curve
  • Glitchy
Ease Of Use


MemberClicks interface was fairly easy to navigate in my experience.

Here’s a brilliant video by Pam Sefrino that shows you step by step how to use the software.

Also, MemberClicks has a brilliant customer support team. They’ll help you with any questions you have.



MemberClicks has two versions – Oasis and Atlas.




Secure database and reports

Oasis is a gift from God for smaller associations.

With Oasis, you can create a secure database of all your members you can then easily navigate.

You don’t have to worry about paperwork ever again!

All the reports are stored in the software, always ready for your attention.


Email marketing

Oasis is a huge relief for email marketing too.

You can design, schedule and track emails.

All of that information – stored in the same system as your database.


Member types

Oasis offers member types for individuals, as well as for organizations.

That makes Oasis perfect for most associations, for example.


Event management

Even registrations are easily customizable.

You can manage registrants online. Gone are the days of flying paper pieces and disorganization!

Now you’ll always know if you have enough seats, how many people attended your event, measure your events’ success by comparing attendance, etc.


Website Builder

With Oasis you can create a website for your association. Or integrate the one you already have!

Your members will be able to message each other, comment in forums, scroll through blog posts and share content.



The Atlas flavor is the perfect solution for trade associations and chambers of commerce.


Secure database

It is a lifesaver when it comes to membership management.

You have a huge and secure database that allows you to contact certain members or groups at any time.


Connecting with members

Atlas helps you build relationships with existing members and convert prospective members.

It allows you to give each person a personalized experience.


Website builder

Atlas lets you create a beautiful website.

There’s always the option to integrate an already existing one, of course.


Event management

With Atlas, just like with Oasis, you get a brilliant event management system.

You can plan, promote and see results from events in real-time.

The reporting and analyzing tools are here to help you with the latter.

You can either choose from a library of presentation-ready reports or create your very own ad-hoc reports.

A downside would be that the software is sometimes glitchy. The frequent updates take care of that, though.




Both versions of MemberClicks work really well with QuickBooks.

There’s an EFT integration for users that rely on Moolah Payments.

The software also integrates with Google Analytics and Google maps.

You can use Job Board, Disqus, and PayPal too.

As a whole, MemberClicks has one of the richest integration lists out there.


Customer Support


I was able to find literally no complaints about the MemberClicks’ support team.

That’s hardly a surprise, though. The customer service team is wonderful and always ready to help.

You can reach them by phone or by email, both provided on the website.

There’s also training on the website and I urge you to check it out.




The website design costs $1,495 for a year. The Conference & Event App is $2,500 annually.

Pricier compared to other solutions on the market, MemberClicks stands out with amazing features.

For the rest of their prices, check their website.


Reasons to Buy

MemberClicks comes not with one, but with two options. Both rich in features at that. That’s something we haven’t seen before. But the price is on the high end. If you can live with that, MemberClicks is worth checking out. You can request a free demo on the website.

At a Glance

  • Fantastic online resource center
  • Multiple payment plans
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Works out to be quite expensive for larger organizations
  • Telephone support only offered in business hours
Ease Of Use


MemberLeap is easy to use and has extensive integration capabilities, making this one of the very best membership management software 2020 has to offer. There are extremely helpful training videos provided on the website.

If you need more assistance, the customer support team is always ready to help.




MemberLeap’s list of features is a long one. No matter which membership management package you pick, you’ll get access to a full member management system that includes:

  • membership tracking software
  • customized fields
  • cross-reference tracking
  • membership plans
  • categories and notes

Each plan includes unlimited non-member records, administrative-level users, email-based customer support and admin privileges.

Other features such as membership crm and membership directory software can be found in the more advanced plans.


Have a feature designed for you

Arguably the best thing about MemberLeap is that the team is willing to add any feature you need.

You read that right. If you need something to fit your specific needs, you can have it added to the platform.

Pure awesomeness.



The database is phenomenal. It allows you to track member data and add custom fields and categories.

You can track membership plans, add notes and member directories.

If you wish, you can offer your members a cross-reference feature – that way a parent company will be able to track its employees who get free membership benefits.


Online system

The software offers an online membership system.

Members can join your association’s club online.

You can choose to pend them for approval or you can require an agreement to a legal document before the user signs up.

You can also customize a welcome message for new members.


Membership plans

Choose between annual, quarterly, or monthly membership plans, all with their unique pricing and terms.

If pricing flexibility is what you’re after in an online membership software, you’ll be satisfied with MemberLeap as they offer you five different monthly payment plans to pick from being Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Payment options

Members can pay with a debit card or you can offer them discount codes.

They can pay member fees, renewals, event fees, purchases, donations, etc.

MemberLeaps allows you to manage payments, give out invoices for dues, track payments and sent due notifications.

It’s important to note that MemberLeap has released an updated advanced donation function. The module offers a wide range of features and reporting capabilities such as Donor Tracking, setting up of Individual Campaigns or Recurring Donations.

You can enjoy the new advanced donation functionality included in the Platinum MemberLeap plan or add it to your Silver or Gold plans as an add-on.


Customizable profiles

Users can upload a profile photo, any additional photos they decide, as well as relevant documents:

  • licensure
  • certification
  • resumes
  • brochures
  • event flyers

They can also add additional people under their membership.

That way, family members, friends or additional employees can also sign up for your association.

MemberLeap lets users have total control over their privacy settings.

They can hide their phone number, fax, email, address, or the whole record.



With MemberLeap you can track your interactions with the members and future members.

You can schedule reminders for follow-up too.

The software also lets you refer members or the public to your members.




MemberLeap integrates with most of the popular solutions out there.

Payments can be made via PayPal, ClearGate, etc. You can get ACH and eCheck through Authorize.Net.

MemberLeap also syncs with your QuickBooks account.

They can design mobile membership apps for you as well.


Customer Support


The MemberLeap customer support is always helpful and attentive.

You can reach them via the phone number provided on the website.

You can also fill out a customer service form and choose whether to get your response by phone or email.

In case you want to contact the support team for training, make sure to check the training videos beforehand.

They really do help!




You can choose between five plans, which are available on the website.

The costs vary per plan according to the number of members with their cheapest plan (Copper) starting at $50 for 1 – 200 members and their most expensive plan (Platinum) costing $250 for the same user range.

In addition to the monthly fees, those that abide by GDPR will need to pay a surcharge fee. This surcharge fee costs $20 per month for 1 to 20 citizens, with costs going up to $80 per month for 5,000 citizens.


Reasons to Buy

No one else will take care of your needs the way MemberLeap’s individually designed features will do. Once you get past the glitchy reports, of course. Impressed yet? Go on MemberLeap’s website and check out the free demo!

Because of its per-user-range pricing structure, MemberLeap is the best membership management software for small businesses. It’s also a great membership database software for nonprofits.

At a Glance

  • Easy migration process
  • Easy to use
  • Helpful support team
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Lacks common functionality options
  • Not many payment options
Ease Of Use


StarChapter is one of the easiest software to use. It’s very intuitive, very user-friendly.

I doubt that you’ll encounter any difficulties at all. In case you do, the support team is always glad to help.



StarChapter offers some unique features.


Easy migration

Starting with StarChapter is incredibly easy.

You don’t need to worry about the migration process at all.

The software allows you to import all your current data from spreadsheets and databases and customize it according to your needs.

And if you make any change to your parent/national records, StarChapter’s Membership Data Sync will automatically update all the relevant data.


Record organization

StarChapter will help you greatly with organizing, updating, and reconciling all records – members or not.

The software collects all the needed data. Then it presents it in the form of reports and charts.

What a brilliant way to save time!

That accurate, well-presented data will also give you valuable insights that can propel your company forward..


Customizable profiles

StarChapter has amazing membership management tools. Your members are in full control of their records.

They can update their profile and contact information to their liking.

They’re also in charge of their privacy settings.


Data security

StarChapter has your back. It has taken great care to ensure your data stays hidden from prying eyes.


Member types

StarChapter allows you to organize your association’s members by type:

  • membership types
  • business types
  • committee levels
  • non-members

With StarChapter you can send your member groups newsletters, reminders, surveys, targeted emails.

You can also send them event invitations.


Event management

Speaking of events, StarChapter is of great help in that department too.

You can set event info and ticket prices to show on your website.

The software allows you to track everything event-related – registrations, cancellations, no-shows, guest count.

You can also print custom badges, which is always fun!

Keep in mind that some users have mentioned that the event-tracking process isn’t very mobile-friendly.

Another thing that has been mentioned is that StarChapter needs more wide choice of payment options.




StarChapter offers multiple integrations:

  • Flamory
  • MerchantOne
  • PayPal
  • Plug and Pay
  • Redfin


Customer Support


It seems that the membership management niche is the one with the greatest customer support service!

StarChapter is no exception to the rule. Their customer support team is very friendly.

They answer as fast as possible and are always willing to lend a hand.

If you have any questions, you can fill in a support ticket at StarChapter’s website.

Or you can call the number provided there.

There are also a great knowledgebase, video tutorials, and board training available on the website.




StarChapter’s pricing depends on the number of members you have.

The essential plan is 150 members, 1 000 additional contacts and is $83 per month.


Reasons to Buy

The migration process can give anyone a headache. But with StarChapter you won’t even feel it. Sadly, it is not as rich in features as some of the other software listed here. To see for yourself how wonderful StarChapter is, you can check out the live demo on their website.

At a Glance

  • Easy to use
  • Clean and simple layout
  • Great mobile app
  • Pricey
  • Inactive clients’ profiles might disappear
  • The system might be slow
Ease Of Use


As MindBody has a very clean and simple layout, it’s extremely easy to navigate for both members and admins.

It’s incredibly intuitive. There are also articles on the website available for you, should you encounter any difficulties.

You can call the customer support center for help too.




MindBody is a membership management platform that targets health and wellness companies.

So if you’re a gym owner, or have a yoga or dance studio, or a spa center, MindBody might just be the best solution for you.

MindBody is also brilliant software for salons and massage studios.

It is basking in popularity these days and there surely is a reason for that.


Membership levels

MindBody lets you create membership order and priority.

You can have Gold members, Silver members, etc.

You can choose their priority order, too – 0 being the highest priority level, with the importance ascending from there.



You can set up members-only discounts.

MindBody lets you choose between discounts for services and discounts for retail.

If you choose to offer retail discounts, you need to mark which products it can be used for.

Same goes for the service discount.



MindBody has a top-notch scheduling feature.

You can allow members to schedule for unpaid.

The software has an Online booking option, restricted to members only.

Via the mobile app or the desktop site, they can book haircuts, facials, massages, personal training, etc.

If you know your schedule in advance, you can open bookings for next month. That way your members are able to book classes in advance and before non-members.

As for the downsides, users have complained that MindBody’s system can be slow.

Another complaint I encountered in reviews was that inactive members’ profiles tend to disappear from the database.




MindBody has quite the range of their own products.

FitMetrix is an app that tracks things like heart rate and calories burnt.

It integrates with most similar brands, like Garmin, Polar, Mio, and MOTOACTV.

MindBody’s Appointment Booker App connects your members’ Facebook page and your appointment schedule. This means that they can book and pay for appointments directly from Facebook.

Don’t have a Facebook page? Find out how to create one here!

MindBody itself integrates with the LiveEdit platform and Spafinder Wellness 365™.


Customer Support


The MindBody customer support is always willing to help their users, should they encounter any difficulties.

You can reach them via an email form or phone, both available on the website.

If you want to ask for any guidance regarding the software, I advise you to check the articles on the “Support” page on the website. They’re very detailed and incredibly informative.




MindBody is on the higher-end products in terms of pricing.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to look into other membership management solutions.

In any case for more info, contact their support center.


Reasons to Buy

Although MindBody has some truly amazing features and is made specifically with gym owners in mind, their price is frankly off-putting. There are other software out there that can help you and not break the bank. Wanna see what all the hype around MindBody is about? Or why some claim it’s one of the best gym membership management software available? Schedule your free individual demo right now!

At a Glance

  • Reasonable price
  • Variety of features
  • Chat option
  • Learning curve
  • Not many customization options
  • Customer service issues
Еase Of Use


Member356 does have a learning curve. This, however, is no reason at all to give up on the software.

They have a YouTube Channel with еxtremely detailed and incredibly useful tutorials.

There’s also a very good Knowledge Base provided on the website.

You can contact the customer support too, to walk you through any difficulties you might have.




Member365 has quite the variety of features.

From membership management functions to discussion forums, the software seems to offer it all.


Membership levels

Member365 lets you have several types of users – members, prospects, volunteers, speakers, non-members.

You can follow each group or each individual member’s applications, payments, renewals, and workflow.



The software also allows you to create committees.

You can manage the members within the committee, give them different roles, and announce event dates.

You can also create an online space especially for committees, in which people can share files and have discussions.

This makes the whole managing process incredibly easy.

When you have all the information you need in one place, you won’t have to deal with paper documents anymore.


Member portal

Member365 has a feature called Member Portal.

All members and admins can see:

  • payments
  • job boards
  • event notifications
  • forms for registration
  • discussion forums
  • directories

From there, users can also manage their profiles and privacy settings.


Finance management

You can count on Member365 to take care of the finance side of things.

You can manage and collect payments, choose automated recurring billing, calculate revenue, etc.

In case your association deals with fundraising, you can collect donations, manage donors and even issue charitable tax receipts.


Event management

Event management is another one of Member365’s stellar features.

With Member365, you are in charge of online registration, automate withdraws, and payments, and get real-time reports.

And with the email marketing function, you can always keep your members up to date with the newest and most relevant info!



The best thing about Member365 is their chat option.

Not only do your members have discussion forums, but they can also talk to each other – and you – directly.

It’s a relief to be able to talk to other members and not rely on email.

As for downsides, the complaint I saw most often was that Member365 does not have many options for customizing.

What you see is what you get with that software.



Member365 integrates seamlessly with Bambora.

You also won’t have any trouble with PayPal Pro, Stripe, and

The great thing about Member365 is that you can integrate it within an already existing website.

If you don’t have a website, they can make one for you!


Customer Support


The recent years’ huge growth of Member365 users affected customer support quality.

Users have reported slow answers to inquiries. However, the company is actively working on improving the service level.



Member365 starts at $149 monthly for 500 contacts and one administrator.

They have five plans in total, which you can check on their website. Given the stellar features, it’s quite a steal!


Reasons to Buy

Member365 has some pretty great features, that’s true. But in case of trouble, I would like to have customer support I can rely on. Once they take care of that, they can move positions on my list. Wanna check out Member365 and their membership systems? Go on the website and sign up for a free trial! Promise you’ll be hooked.

How to Choose the Best Membership Management Software?

What makes a decision a good one?

How informed are you on the topic?

Here’s a list of questions that can help you choose the right software for your needs:


Which Features Do You Need The Most?


What is causing you trouble when managing your members?

Payments, organizational issues, keeping up with your members?

This will determine which features are key for your association.


Which Features Can You Do Without?


Do you really need social media integration? Or a forum, for that matter?

Maybe yes, maybe no – the answer will help narrow down your choices.


How Much Money Are You Willing To Spend For A Membership Management Software?


That’s a key one.

You need to have at least a basic idea of how much money you can spend on this type of software.


Are You Willing to spend More On A Solution Or Features Designed For Your Specific Needs?


If you can’t find a software that fits your exact needs, have it designed for you as a long-term investment.


Would You Mind Spending Time Learning To Use The Software? Or Do You Want A More Intuitive Solution?


Although most of the software listed are pretty easy to get the hang of, some do have a learning curve.

However, those that take some time to get used to are usually the ones with the most features.

So, think about compromising.


Are Customization Options Important For You?


For any special requirements or more niche type of business, customization options might save the day.

If you have more basic needs, any software will do.


Do You Require A Mobile App?


Mobile apps allow you to use the software wherever you are.

For gym owners, it will be best is there’s an app their members can download and use to book classes.

For churches, a mobile app might not be desperately needed.


Is The Customer Support Service’s Quality A Priority?


That one is self-explanatory.

Although there are people that don’t put much importance on the customer support side of things.


Does The Membership Management Software Integrate Successfully With Your Website?


If you have an already existing website, you want a software that can integrate with it.

However, if you don’t have one, choose a solution that has a website building option.


Does It Allow Integration With Other Solutions?


Most people use QuickBooks for their finances and PayPal for payments.

If you do too, you better look for a software that supports those.


Is The Design Of The Member Management Software A Priority?


Some of the software in my list have a bit of an outdated design.

While not a huge issue, most people like sleeker and prettier interface.


What Kind Of Audience Are You Targeting?


If you own a gym, you’re targeting a specific group of people.

If you have a salon, you’re marketing an entirely different thing.

Choose the type of software that will be most useful for your target group.


Answer these questions, and go through the list once again.

The pros and cons should give you an idea which software may fit your needs and which one doesn’t.

This might look like too much work. I get it.

Still, when they go through this list of questions, most people get a much clearer picture of what they want from a membership management solution.

Think about it as a marathon that will win you a much-wanted reward.

In our case answering the questions and reading the reviews is the marathon.

Making your life easier and getting a huge productivity boost is the prize.

So, ready! Steady! Go!

Key Takeouts

What Have We Clarified On This Review Of The Best Membership Management Software?

We made this list of membership software solutions for people just like you.

  • We went through the pros and cons.
  • We discussed the ease of use of every software.
  • We talked about the main features that you’ll need in your day-to-day work with the platforms.
  • We looked at the integrations available.
  • And, of course, we checked how the customer support handles issues.

You won’t look back after you get a membership management software.

  • The platforms I’ve selected have quite a lot of benefits.
  • They sort your members into categories.
  • They make assigning roles as easy as a child’s play.
  • They track payments and donations for you.
  • You no longer have to worry about reminding your members to renew.

The software does it all for you, and more.

All of them will deliver on everything promised.

There’s one more question you need to answer, though.

Are you ready for such a revolutionary change?

I am going to assume that since you’ve reached this part of the article – you are.

Congratulations. You know what they say about fate. It loves the brave ones.

You already have a few of the listed software in mind. Now’s a great time to give those free demos a try.

Go on! Be the force behind the positive change in your life!


How much does a membership management software cost?

The price varies depending on the features available. More features usually mean a higher price tag.

Having features designed specifically for you would require a bigger budget too.

In contrast, at least one or two of the platforms mentioned here likely have most of what you need – at a price that won’t break the bank.

Can I integrate the software with my website?

Most of the times the answer is yes. The software I have listed offer either integration or an easy migration process.

In case you don’t have a website – you don’t have to worry. Some of the solutions listed will build a website for you.

Is there free management software?

Yes, there is. They’re not mentioned here, though.

To be honest, although I am sure there are some decent free options out there, they universally lack in features.

You want a solution that will make your life easier.

Glitchy software, unreachable customer support team and scarce payment options won’t really help you.


The platforms I have listed are the ones to deliver lots of business value for as few bucks as possible.

They offer really great features, that make them worth your money.

Hopefully, I managed to help you choose the most fitting membership management software for your needs.

Feel free to try more than one of the listed solutions.

Like Madeleine L’Engle, the author of A Wrinkle in Time, famously said: “Experiment is the mother of knowledge.”

Have fun! Till next time!